How To Find the Best Performance Shirts for Men


Finding normal shirts themselves can be quite challenging, but finding the best performance shirts for men can be a real hassle. The style of the man in question, the features of the shirt, the comfort level, and more can make it seem like you are climbing a mountain of options just to find one mediocre shirt, not the best one.


But if the best performance shirts for men are what you are after, then this is the best article for you. We’ve got the best tricks and tips for finding the perfect men’s performance shirts, and it won’t take you a ton of time either!

Find Your Dress Shirt Style

Before we can find a performance dress shirt, we need to know what we are working with. Think about what you like in a shirt. Do you like long sleeve or short sleeve dress shirts? Do you want certain colors? Do you like your shirts to be buttoned up? Should your shirts have a pattern to them? What do you want your shirt to be made out of?


Answering these questions will get you a lot closer to knowing what performance shirts are duds, and what performance shirts are going to fit with what you are looking for. However, most performance dress shirts have patterns on them, rather than having solid colors, because the patterns tend to hide the wrinkles a lot easier than solid color shirts.

Understand What A Performance Shirt Is

A performance shirt is something that marries the functionality of a workout shirt with a dress shirt. In the old days of clothes and dress shirts, they were often uncomfortable to be in, could get stained with sweat really easily, get wrinkled no matter how many times you ironed them, and were generally uncomfortable.


However, performance materials replace all this discomfort with stretchy fabric, wrinkle-free materials, and moisture-wicking and cooling advantages. Basically, you will be wearing a dress shirt that feels like a sportswear shirt. What man doesn’t like that idea?

Looking At Materials

Whenever you go to the store or online to look for a good performance shirt, you will want to pay close attention to the material that the shirt is made out of. Most traditional dress shirts are made out of cotton, and cotton will wrinkle and crumple very easily. However, the best performance shirts are made of a combination of several different materials.


While the combination of materials tends to vary by brand, most of them are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. This gives them durable stretch, and moisture-wicking and cooling properties. So if you see a performance shirt that claims to be made of 100% cotton or even says that it is wrinkled guarded, then keep walking because that isn’t the shirt you are looking for.

Where To Look To Find The Best Performance Dress Shirts For Men

First, you can try your regular department store, mall, or any other place where you normally go to buy men’s clothes. High-performance dress shirts might be there, but there’s a chance they will be more expensive than regular shirts, and you might not find the pattern or style you like.


The best place to look for these performance shirts are going to be online. There are men’s online stores that sell all types of performance shirts that could easily be called the best! So no matter what you need, you will be able to find it online. Plus, the majority of those websites also have reviews of shirts, so you can double-check before you make a purchase.

Caring For Performance Shirts

Treat a performance shirt just like any other dress shirt and you should be fine with it. You can wash them in warm or cold water, and then hang them to air dry without putting them in the dryer. Hang drying, in case you didn’t know, helps to preserve the features that you love about your performance shirt.


They also help with the durability of the shirt as well, so your best performance shirts can last a very long time without falling apart. Plus, once you get into these shirts, you will want them to last a long time!

Getting Performance Shirts

Performance shirts don’t have to be intimidating or force you to scour the entire internet to find a good one. Instead, you can grab these upgraded dress shirts to rock both your professional and personal life. Look online and look in stores, and you will be able to find the shirts you need without too much trouble.


Then wear your performance shirt and watch the difference in how you feel after a long day at work, because there will be a very noticeable difference!