Various types of mushroom supplements


Functional mushroom supplements are among the most recent trends to take the natural health and wellness world by storm.

Increasingly people are turning to alternative natural supplements instead of the wellness products traditionally used over the last few decades.

There is a greater awareness of why all-natural products are better than those packed with a long list of artificial ingredients. As a result, people turn to health supplements like functional mushrooms to improve their health and fitness.

One thing that makes functional mushroom supplements so distinct is that there are various mushroom species, and each one affects and benefits the body differently.

Here are the most common mushrooms used in supplements and their benefits.

Lion’s mane mushrooms

Lion’s mane mushrooms get their name from their appearance and are often described as looking like a shaggy lion’s mane.

While lion’s mane is an effective health supplement, it’s also considered one of the most gourmet mushrooms, thanks to its delicious flavor profile. Lion’s mane mushrooms are often eaten as a meat substitute due to their meaty flavor and texture.

Known for its nootropic properties, lion’s mane affects several key areas of the body. There is evidence to suggest that nootropics can have a significant positive effect on the brain.

Specifically, lion’s mane mushroom supplements may improve cognitive function, enhance memory and retention, and help with low mitigation and attention.

Lion’s mane mushrooms contain compounds called hericenones and erinacines, which stimulate the production of nerve growth factors. This process is thought to be responsible for the mushroom’s ability to improve mental clarity and cognitive function.

Cordyceps mushrooms

Cordyceps mushrooms have been used throughout history within East Asian medicine. The mushroom used to be relatively easy to find within the Himalayan foothills of Western China and Tibet. However, due to over-harvesting, this is no longer the case.

Most cordyceps mushrooms available as health supplements today are grown in special facilities and come from cultivated varieties of fungi.

Cordyceps mushrooms are popular for several reasons, including helping to improve energy and motivation and being known as an excellent immune-boosting supplement. Cordyceps are especially popular among athletes for the fungi’s energy-enhancing effects.

The rich nutritional content of cordyceps also makes them an excellent all-around health and wellness supplement. The combination of phenolic compounds, amino acids, and numerous vitamins and minerals work together within the body to support the immune system and many other bodily functions.

Reishi mushrooms

The reishi mushroom is one of the more common functional mushrooms and is the most thoroughly studied. Reishi mushrooms have been used as a traditional natural remedy in East Asian cultures for hundreds of years and are thought to have spiritual powers and medicinal benefits.

In many East Asian cultures, reishi mushrooms are associated with youth and vitality and were often referred to as the ‘Mushroom of immortality. Through modern scientific research, the reason for how reishi mushrooms came to be known for longevity and youthfulness is better understood.

Reishi mushrooms have antioxidant properties that help promote vitality and slow down some of the more noticeable signs of aging. Alongside being rich in antioxidants, reishi mushrooms also have calming effects, which can help to ensure a healthy sleep pattern and further slow the effects of aging on the body.

Studies focused on reishi mushrooms have also found that they can support the immune system by working as a helpful immunomodulator. When reishi mushroom supplements are taken regularly, it is thought that they can reduce immune disorders, including allergies and unnecessary inflammation.

Turkey tail mushrooms

Turkey tail mushrooms are known for two things. Firstly, the mushroom’s strange appearance closely resembles the concentric circles and pattern of a turkey tail.

Secondly, turkey tail mushrooms are known for their beneficial effects on the immune system. Turkey tail mushrooms contain two vital compounds. Polysaccharopeptide (PSP) and polysaccharide krestin (PSK) are active compounds within the mushrooms that have immunomodulating effects and support the body’s natural defenses.

Turkey tail mushrooms are also rich in several vital compounds that the body needs to maintain good overall health and fitness and boast antioxidant properties. These include amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids, which are rich in phenolic compounds.


Turkey tail mushrooms are considered one of the best functional mushrooms for supporting and improving immune function and overall good health.

Where to find mushroom supplements

Mushroom supplements are becoming increasingly easy to find mainly due to better awareness of their health benefits leading to more and more people looking to take them as regular dietary supplements.

The best place to start with mushroom supplements is by checking out health food stores, which feature a wide selection of dietary supplements. Alternatively, many dedicated functional mushroom brands and stores focus solely on mushroom supplements.

Certain functional mushrooms, like lion’s mane, are also popular as a meat substitute and can often be found in grocery stores and even on menus in restaurants.

It is worth doing a little research about the various places that sell mushroom supplements and the options that they have on offer.