Where Are They Now: ‘The Bachelor’ star Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe, his wife Catherine Lowe and their three children pose at a K-State football game in September 2021. (Photo courtesy of Sean Lowe)

All responsibilities are forgone on sacred “Bachelor Mondays” when the newest season of “The Bachelor” premieres every year. Fans across the country gather with friends for huge watch parties, eager to witness a love story as it unfolds on their televisions. Many remember the whirlwind romance of Sean Lowe, a former Kansas State football player, and Catherine Giudici from the 17th season of the show.

Lowe’s season premiered in 2013, just seven years after graduating from K-State. Lowe said he was unfamiliar with the show and had no idea what he was getting himself into.

“Well, first of all, I didn’t sign up to be on the show,” Lowe said. “My sister signed me up, and I was aware of the show, but I didn’t really watch it, and so I kind of went into it very naively.”

Not knowing what was to come, Lowe said he received sage advice from his father, who convinced him to take the opportunity.

“My dad was one of my biggest supporters. He was like, ‘Listen — this could be just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel the world and make memories that you’ll never forget,’ and so that’s essentially why I agreed to go on the show,” Lowe said. “It could be a free vacation – travel the world, make some memories, have some good times and that would be about it, never imagining it would actually lead to me meeting my wife.”

After “The Bachelor,” Sean married Catherine in 2014, the pair sharing one of the few success stories to come out of the TV series. Lowe spoke about his popularity post-filming.

“It’s kind of a crazy world because everyone is trying to get a hold of you and pull you in different directions, and they want you to be involved in different things,” Lowe said. “I’ve taken part in a lot of things that are kind of entertainment-based, I guess is the best way to say it. But at the same time, I’ve been able to start a business — Home by Sean & Catherine Lowe — which is our furniture business that we run.”

Home by Sean & Catherine Lowe has seen extreme success. Lowe said it has been very fulfilling for him, considering he gets to be in business with his good friend, who was also the best man at his wedding.

“It’s fun to be in the business with my best friend, and we’ve been super blessed in that business,” Lowe said. “We’re one of the most searched companies on Wayfair.”

Maintaining his company isn’t the only thing occupying Lowe’s time. Social media also plays a huge role in his life.

“I enjoy having my normal job, which is this Home by Sean & Catherine Lowe, and at the same time, through the power of social media, we’re still able to do a lot of fun stuff in the public eye as well,” Lowe said.

In recent years, those involved with “The Bachelor” franchise have met a lot of backlash on social media. Lowe said he recognizes the “ugliness” directed at former members of the show but that his family is blessed with very little negative activity online.

Since the show, Lowe said he’s found great joy in updating fans on social media. With 1.3 million followers on his Instagram, @seanloweksu, Lowe posts frequently about his life in Dallas with his wife and three kids.

“Ninety-nine point nine percent of people are extremely supportive and encouraging,” Lowe said. “In some respects, it’s been an extension of the show, because they followed along on our love journey, so to speak, on “The Bachelor,” and then through Instagram, they’ve been able to continue to follow along as we’ve had children and, you know, celebrated milestones in our marriage and things like that.”

Lowe expressed his appreciation for fans who have stuck by his side since he began his journey on “The Bachelor.”

“All those people that were watching way back in 2013 are still keeping up with us today, so it’s been very positive for us and we’re grateful for those who follow along and have encouraging things to say to us,” Lowe said.

Since graduating from K-State in May 2006, Lowe has made it back to Manhattan for games and visits, even bringing his family clad in K-State gear. This past September, the family attended a football game and Jordy Nelson’s charitable softball game. Lowe said it was refreshing to be back.

“It’s always great to be back in Manhattan and to be supported by all the people that came up to me,” Lowe said. “There’s such good people there.”

During his time as a student, Sean Lowe got the chance to play football under legendary head coach Bill Snyder.

“It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life, but also one of the more rewarding things I’ve ever done,” Lowe said. “Coach Snyder was big on discipline, and that’s why he was so successful in his tenure.”

Though he was unprepared for the rigor of Snyder’s football program, Lowe said he was grateful for the virtues he developed and the skills he learned.

“I think it influenced a lot of the things that I do in my day-to-day life as far as just self-discipline and working hard and never giving up and things like that, the things that Coach Snyder instilled in all of us,” Lowe said.

Lowe said he misses Manhattan and longs for long walks through campus, calling them “simple pleasures.” However, he said he’s most nostalgic for his football team.

“It’s a brotherhood when you go through something as difficult as that for four years, and I think I’m better for it,” Lowe said. “If you would ask me, ‘What do I miss the most?’ it would probably be the camaraderie of the friends that I had on the football team because you’re just spending so much time with these guys.”

While Lowe is more well-known in other parts of the country as a TV personality, many at K-State know him as both “The Bachelor” heartthrob and one of Snyder’s football players. Many avid watchers of the series hope for another success story like Lowe’s. Perhaps one day, another Wildcat will grace “The Bachelor” franchise’s cameras.