6 Ways To Wear a Basic Tee


Basic tees are a core staple of any wardrobe. They are part of that daily driver regimen that you really can’t live without, and there are various ways to enjoy them.


Here are six ways to wear a basic tee this year! 


What About Tucking In a Basic Tee?

This is probably the biggest question about styling your essential tees or graphic tees. The simple answer here is that there is no right or wrong way to wear your basic tee — this is about you and how you feel. 


A complete tuck-in can look good based on the situation. If you feel more comfortable with your tee tucked, or your t-shirt is cut to be tucked in with “tails” go for it. If your t-shirt has a uniform, straight border cut, let it hang! 


Suns Out Guns Out

The best way to wear a basic tee is when the sun is out, and perfect weather is just how it is. T-shirts are designed to be breathable, lightweight and let your arms get that good sunshine. So when the weather is perfect, and you’re feeling the temperatures outside, just wear the t-shirt. Basic t-shirts are ideal for a go-to easy, simple fit during the summer months. 


What About the Layer Game?

The best thing about a t-shirt is that it can fit the bill for more than one occasion. While it’s true that a light t-shirt will do the trick on a hot summer day, most of us want to use our favorite tees year-round. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put away your favorite basic and graphic t-shirts. When the weather is cooler, make your favorite tees a central part of your layer game. Here are a couple of ways to layer your favorite t-shirts in the colder months. 


Layer Ontop 

If you have a favorite basic or graphic tee that you love, a simple way to keep it as part of your wardrobe when the weather gets colder is to layer it over a long sleeve shirt. This creates a classic fall vibe that will keep you warm, providing that extra bit of insulation for your core, and keeping your favorite t-shirts out of storage. 


Layer Over 

Colder weather means you get the pleasure of playing around with layers. Not only is layering your clothing a great way to stay warm during the cold months, but it’s just fun. It allows you to get extra mileage out of your favorite pieces, and the best part about layering is that it’s easy. 


Don’t overcomplicate your favorite clothes when you find yourself putting on extra layers. Instead, wear what you love and trust your gut. For example, when layering your favorite graphic or basic t-shirts, grab a flannel jacket and keep it unzipped or unbuttoned. This allows you to show off your favorite t-shirt while bundling up for the colder season. 


Over-Sized or Fitted?

This is another area where your personal preference will lead to the perfect decision. If you want just to have the t-shirt be a look all on its own, go oversized. Over-sized, it’s a style and statement piece, and on top of it being incredibly comfortable and breathable, it’s a great look. 


At the same time, if you want a little less of a pronounced look from your t-shirt, or you plan on laying with other items, then a fitted t-shirt might be a better choice. It also says that you should not be looking at an oversized option if you plan on tucking in your shirt. 


Accessorize With Jewelry

Lastly, a basic tee is a great place for accessories with jewelry. An excellent basic tee will be one you love to wear, and it can be a perfect canvas for showing off your favorite jewelry. Because the tee itself isn’t drawing attention but instead acting as a core foundational piece for your fit, you can draw attention to a necklace or chain well with one. 


When you’re looking to spice up your favorite basic tee, put on your favorite chain or necklace and show off your style. 



There’s no right or wrong way to wear your favorite clothes. The best part about clothing is loving what you wear and how you look in them. However you choose to wear your favorite basic tees this year, following these tips will help you keep it simple, satisfying and fresh year-round.