Why are ETFs Considered a Mainstream Investment Vehicle?


In recent years, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have grown in popularity as more people open brokerage accounts and trade ETFs. Indeed, the last few decades have seen this financial innovation break record after record in financial inflows.

Choosing to trade ETFs as a mainstream investor may look odd to some people, but maybe they haven’t heard about the latest milestone for the passive investment vehicle. ETFs are already in the classification of the Investment Association (IA), whose scope of influence is in Europe and beyond.

This article will introduce ETFs and explain more why they are considered a mainstream investment vehicle.

ETF Basics and Its Use in the Stock Market

Every investor has options in the market depending on his/her goals. From mutual funds to bonds to stocks, the investment vehicles are widely varied.

An exciting option for new traders would be Exchange-Traded Fund because it offers exposure to the entire stock market. It is often given the acronym ETF.

Look at ETF as a container that holds a range of securities, for instance, stocks and bonds. Given this outlook, you can see why this investment vehicle offers so much diversification. When one invests in an ETF, the money is distributed in several investments. This is unlike stocks, which belong to only one company.

However, it is possible to buy and sell ETFs on an exchange within a day, and earn dividends based on the index type.

The Mainstream Factor

Mainstream investments are not only popular but also low-risk and suitable for long-term investment. Most of these assets tend to smooth money access and come with regulatory protection.

Since its emergence in the 1980s in the United States, ETF has grown in popularity because of the numerous benefits it offers to investors. Here are some of these benefits:

  •         Trading flexibility
  •         Transparency
  •         Diverse portfolio and risk management
  •         High accessibility
  •         Low cost

With this investment vehicle, investors can follow their investment paths in a low-cost manner. Akin to the S&P 500, most of these tools tend to track underlying index returns. In the end, this is what offers investors access to diversified markets even without the treacherous search for options from among countless bonds and stocks.

The value that comes with this quality is immeasurable. With the same cost and capability, this vehicle offers investors the opportunity to operate alongside the biggest names in global investments.

Most Effective Ways to use EFTs

Using EFTs most effectively means appropriate trading. To help you do this, the following tips are worth considering when selling or buying ETFs.

  1.     Avoid trading during times of market volatility – from experience, the market is often volatile in the last few minutes of the day. So in short, you want to avoid trading at such times. The rapid price changes that are likely to happen as the trading day comes to a close are due to large investors hedging their positions.
  2.     Discard market orders for limit orders – there is a difference between these orders: Market orders get implemented at the prevailing price upon the availability of shares, but limit orders give you the freedom to choose a trading price.
  3.     Watch out for economic and political impacts – it is not a secret that economic and political news have a bearing on ETF performance. For instance, if the American president gave a political announcement, fluctuations in the market could be huge. It could easily broaden its spreads.
  4.     Be keen on the spread – the difference between the “bid” and the “ask” is referred to as the spread. Like in any other market, having a difference between the buying price and the selling price is normal. The less famous ETFs may feature a broader spread and the more famous ones a narrower spread.


Do you want to start investing in an ETF today?

This option can allow you to take advantage of the wider market at an affordable cost. You don’t have to pick stocks and choose securities.

ETFs may have become mainstream, but you can still invest in them very easily. Make use of renowned online brokers and start selling your securities.