6 Ways to Style a Wearable Blanket with Your Wardrobe


When thinking cozy, a few things come to mind: fireplace, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and blankets. Thanks to the wearable blanket, you can stay in a blanket for hours and go from private to public without stares.

A wearable blanket should be a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe. There are many uses and tons of fun ways to wear it. Here are six ways to style a wearable blanket with your wardrobe.

They go great with literally any style of jeans.

A great way to style a wearable blanket with an everyday look is to pair it with jeans. Jeans are trendy no matter the style, but there are a few ways to make a wearable blanket look even more stylish, depending on the cut. With skinny jeans, a wearable blanket can look sexy and cute if you push it off of your shoulder a bit. The straight or slim-fit jeans give your blanket style a little more of a polished look, something along the lines of preppy. Meanwhile, the boyfriend cut plus the wearable blanket looks nonchalant and casual, as does the loose fit. Want to go back to the 60s or 70s? Pair it with flared jeans and rock some shades. Wide legs and mom jeans are a look that’s coming back in style, so why not add in your super comfortable top for a pop? And the distressed jean is the ultimate trendy meets relaxed because they are polar opposite looks that pair well with each other.

Get the all-day, every look-over leggings.

Once upon a time, leggings used to be worn to the gym, yoga, and pretty much nothing else. But today, leggings are as commonplace and often seen as jeans are. Leggings can be worn to do errands, for a casual walk, and with heels for a styled look. Take your leggings look to the next level with a wearable blanket that instantly transforms your style from cozy to wow. You will attract just enough attention to yourself without going overboard by wearing too much tight clothing. Put your blanket over any color leggings and add high tops, gym sneakers, flip flops, or even heels, and you can transform your style in seconds. Or, do it all! Go from flip-flops on a brisk day to sneakers around town and heels at night, all in your leggings and wearable blanket.

Remain warm with a pair of shorts

The best part about styling your wearable blanket with shorts is that you’ll never be cold. Shorts can get cold at night, even after the hottest of days. However, you can be cozy throughout the day with a wearable blanket and shorts. If you get too hot during the daylight hours, tie the blanket around your waist for a casual look.

Add a subtle style with a crop top.

Crop tops are super cute. You can wear them with all pants—from jeans and leggings to shorts and skirts. But the thing about crop tops, for some people, is that they can reveal a bit too much at times. But with a wearable blanket, the crop top looks conservative and cute. Grab your favorite crop top, a great pair of sunglasses, and some knock-out earrings, and throw the wearable blanket over for a look they’ll remember. You can tilt the blanket slightly off your shoulder for a subtle look. Want to top it all off? If your hair is long, throw it up on a bun or high pony for a semi-dramatic style.

Make your bathing suit stand out.

The best part about a wearable blanket is that no one expects you to wear it quite so stylishly or to the beach. Carry less and get way more with a closet item that can go from home to sand to stand. Unlike other blankets, where you simply cozy up or lie down, the wearable blanket can quickly transform your day and leave you far less to carry. The next time you’re by the beach or the pool, feel lighter and bring your wearable blanket to relax on. Then, when you get chilly or just need to walk to the snack stand or nearest casual food establishment, throw it on over your bathing suit (whether it’s a bikini or a one-piece, it will look good either way).

Take your pajamas to the next level.

Pajamas can be so casual sometimes when all you want to do is make a fashion statement. So the next time you’re around friends or just want a cute look for a home, add the wearable blanket to your pajamas. You’ll stand out as you stay in, and there will be no fuss over a blanket.

Go from cozy to chic in six styles, and remain comfortable all day long.