7 Beneficial Alternatives to Shaving


Shaving has been the go-to hair removal method since the beginning and is still seen as an essential part of proper grooming. Even though it has been improved and perfected, shaving can still leave behind cuts and razor burns during use, no matter how careful you are. Thankfully, time has allowed other hair removal options to be developed and perfected as well. Now, people don’t have to rely on the standard razor—they can reach for Lumi and other hair removal methods for smooth skin. Here are seven beneficial hair-removal methods that steer clear of shaving:

1. IPL Hair Removal

Shaving removes hair but can damage the outer layers of the skin with blades. But opposite of shaving, intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal is designed to get rid of hair without damaging or burning the skin. Similar to laser hair removal but more accessible, IPL hair removal uses light pules to destroy hair at the root, working to halt hair growth after using over a period of time. IPL treatments are available in-office with a dermatologist or esthetician but are also a popular option for people who wish to use a hand-held device in the comfort of their own home. With this option, razor bumps are left in the past where they belong.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is great for achieving near-permanent hair reduction for areas that remain eager to grow or are prone to ingrown hairs. It works by using varying wavelengths, pulse widths, and energy output to address the area with accurate lasers. Rather than shaving 2-3 times a week, your dermatologist or esthetician can help you experience massive hair reduction in around six weeks’ time. Though it may not stop hair growth entirely, laser hair removal destroys hairs that are visibly present and heavily prevents regrowth in the area for months, even years—its popularity has remained for a reason.

3. Waxing

Effective at removing large amounts of hair and delaying hair regrowth, waxing removes hair right from the root. Melted wax beans are spread across the desired area of skin and then pulled away once it cools and hardens. This allows for swift and smooth hair removal, along with slowed hair growth due to removal at the root. Shaving, on the other hand, does nothing to prevent regrowth within days and can also cause ingrown hairs. Compared to shaving, waxing is known to cause less irritation, less redness, decreased ingrowns, and proves to be longer-lasting.

4. Sugar Waxing

Also known as ‘sugaring’, this approach to hair removal resembles traditional waxing when it comes to technique—the substance is spread onto the skin, cooled, and then stripped to rid the skin of hair. The difference is that this “wax” has a honey-like consistency and a make-up of real sugar and other natural ingredients. Sugaring also has the benefit of an easier clean-up than traditional waxing; it is water-soluble and able to be rinsed away with warm water.

5. Topical Solutions

For a pain-free method of removing hair, especially on larger areas, topical solutions take the forefront. These products work to dissolve away hair on the skin without damaging the skin barrier itself. Unlike shaving which takes time and involves a sharp object, topical solutions only take a couple of minutes to deliver quick-acting results. Instead of shaving away rows of cream, simply wipe away the hair and solution with a damp cloth.

6. Threading

Popular for removing hair on the face, threading is an effective way to remove hair with precision. Done by twisting two threads and using the bond to pluck unwanted hairs, this method eliminates hair at the root for a clean look that lasts longer. And with the short amount of thread to work with, threading is great for things like arching eyebrows, as well as removing smaller hairs above the lip, on the chin, and over the neck.

7. Electrolysis

Very few hair removal methods are known to remove hair permanently, but electrolysis is one option that brags not only getting rid of hair but destroying the hair follicle altogether. It provides results by way of inserting a fine needle into the follicle and delivering an electrical current to the root, burning it and essentially preventing hair from growing back in that place. Though each hair follicle must be treated individually and results generally are not noticeable until several treatments later, the results are permanent and allow for smooth skin around the clock.

Shaving no longer has to be the standard for hair removal. Your skin doesn’t have to suffer the razor any longer with options that are convenient, long-lasting, or even pain-free. There are so many routes to choose from when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, and none of them have to involve cutting yourself with a razor.