6 Places You May Encounter VOD


We spend more and more time online every day, and more of that time is spent watching videos. In fact, it accounts for about a third of that time. VOD is more popular than ever and is being found in more places every day, benefiting more people, and making our lives both easier and more entertaining.

What does VOD stand for? Video on demand, or VOD, is any video that we can access when we want from wherever we are as long as we have internet access and permission to view the video. While some platforms are free for everyone and supported by ad revenue, some require a subscription fee. Others may only be available once or for a short time after purchase.

There are some big names in this industry, like subscription streaming and music services, but there are many more places than you realize where VOD is already or is fast becoming an essential tool. Let’s look at some of the well known and not-so-well-known places you may encounter VOD.

The Classroom

Video on demand has become a big part of education. Even before COVID-19 changed how students attend classes, VOD was used as a tool that teachers could use to expose their students to experiences and locations beyond the classroom. Now that virtual learning is more common than ever, lessons may be pre-recorded and available for students to access whenever they are ready to pick up their class.

MOOCs, or massive open online courses, have become even more popular in the age of COVID-19, allowing those stuck at home to spend their downtime learning something new. They are often cheaper than traditional college classes and don’t require transportation or access to in-person learning. Many MOOCs feature VOD lectures that students can access anytime, from anywhere they are in the world.

Niche Tutorial Platforms

Like K-12, college, and other continuing education platforms, we see more and more niche education sites dedicated to a specific topic. These days, it’s easy to find a website or service where you can learn to cook, meditate, fix things around your house, do crafts, play music or any other number of things right from home as you access dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of their VOD lessons. Some may even be available through specialized hardware like fitness equipment.

Streaming Services

These are probably what most of us think of when referring to video-on-demand services. Streaming services allow us to access all our favorite shows, movies, and documentaries right from a phone, tablet, smart device, or television with a subscription. Each service offers a unique lineup, so you can enjoy the types of shows and movies that appeal to your interests.

Streaming is not limited to visual entertainment. Music streaming services are more popular than ever, allowing you to access all your favorite artists and maybe even some you’ve never heard of who upload their music to these services. While in the past, it would take a lot of marketing and effort for a new singer or band to make it to the radio, those who are new to the industry need only to add their work to these services, and they instantly have the potential to be heard by millions.

Concerts & Sporting Events

These days, you don’t even need to attend a concert in person to experience the music or your favorite team. With high-quality recording, events like these are captured in crisp detail, while experienced crews edit clips to ensure you get the best viewing angles throughout the show or game, even while sitting on your couch or watching the replay from your favorite bar. Depending on how the VOD is available–ad-supported, subscription, or transaction–you can even enjoy the show whenever you’d like.

Corporate Sector

Imagine hiring a new class of employees every two weeks, and they need to be trained. You may have a team of employees to train them. Imagine it would be easier if some of that training were available on-demand for new employees at any time and location. This would save you, your training team, and new employees valuable time.

Businesses are also using VOD to showcase their products and services. By making video overviews, tutorials, or other content about their industry available to potential customers, they ensure that people who want that information find it in a format that many people are eager to engage in.

Social Media

Whether you are searching YouTube for your favorite music video or scrolling through TikTok, VOD has never been bigger on social media. It’s still getting bigger as Facebook and Instagram roll out new ways to scroll short video clips. Businesses are learning how to engage with customers, and there are more and more ways to monetize VOD on social media to create passive revenue streams.

You’ve encountered VOD at some point and probably in more places than you realize. There are also more ways you could be using VOD to represent your business to your customers. When building a VOD channel for your brand, start with a high-quality, reliable platform like Maestro.