10 Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room


Let’s face it, we all get a little bored with a room’s decor after a while, but renovating usually isn’t in the budget. Thankfully, there are some easy ways you can punch up your living room to give it a fresh, new look without taking out a loan. Whether you choose beautiful blue curtains and a coordinating accent wall or go for throw pillows that match your new rug, here are ten easy ways you can update your living room.

1.    Choose New Curtains

Windows are the highlight of a living room. They bring in light, create balance, and enhance the room’s look and feel. Updating them can completely change the atmosphere of the space. If the existing curtains are dark, go with lighter, and vice versa. Window treatments can also hold onto dust and odors. If you haven’t taken them down for cleaning, why not take the opportunity to replace them?

2.    Repaint the Room

Your room will be unrecognizable with a fresh coat of paint, especially with coordinating curtains. Interior paint is relatively inexpensive, but it may take some effort to move the furniture, cover the floor, and tape off windows. This time investment is well worth the effort, though. The hardest part is picking the paint color.

3.    Create an Accent Wall

If you don’t have the time to invest in repainting the entire living room, try repainting just one wall. An accent wall can bring new life to the room and, depending on the color you choose and how you style it, will also change the energy. Who says you have to use paint? Creating a wall of bookshelves, using wall-length curtains, or trying temporary wallpaper are excellent choices and work for renters as well.

4.    Change the Artwork

Give the room a new look by switching out the wall art. Choosing smaller or larger wall art in a different color, theme, or even another artistic medium is a great way to mix things up. If you like the artwork or photos you currently have, try changing the photo frames for a different look. For consistency, remember to blend wall art with pieces on your shelves and other locations throughout the room.

5.    Rearrange the Furniture

Sometimes just moving the furniture around is all that’s needed to breathe new life into a room. It can also be great inspiration for how you’d like to update the space in other ways, like with new curtains, a rug, or throw pillows.

6.    Bring In a Rug or Two

Rugs can help define a space by separating it from those nearby, like the kitchen and dining room if you have an open floorplan, or by bringing areas together. The type of rug you choose will literally set the groundwork for the look and feel of the rest of the room. The sizes, styles, and designs of living room rugs are immense, so this might be a good place to start to give the room a complete facelift.

7.    Add Pillows and Throws

Throw pillows and blankets bring warmth to a room because they are welcoming. Nothing says, “sit down and relax a while,” like comfortable pillows and a plush throw. They are also great for bringing new colors and styles to your room. If you’ve already updated the curtains or the rug, changing or adding pillows and blankets is a great way to tie it all together.

8.    Invest in a Slipcover

There’s no need to replace a perfect sofa, loveseat, or chair just because it no longer matches the room’s updated decor. With a coordinating slipcover, you can bring your favorite comfortable living room furniture back into the room. Plus, slipcovers are easy to care for. Most are machine washable, so you can help protect your sofa while keeping it clean effortlessly.

9.    Invite Mother Nature

Breathe some fresh air into your living room when you bring some of the outdoors inside. There are health benefits to having certain houseplants in your home. Some plants, like English Ivy and the Spider Plant, for example, are great at filtering toxins from the air and turning it into oxygen-rich, healthy air. That’s a great reason to hang out in your living room.

10.    Get Creative with Clutter

If clutter makes your living room feel blah, finding creative ways to store things can make a big difference. Tall bookshelves and furniture that doubles as storage can help get things out of the way and out of sight. You may be surprised to see how big a difference it makes once items have a proper place.

There you have it, our list of 10 easy ways to update your living room. Feel free to grab an idea that fits your needs and budget, or go all in and try all of them. However you decide to update your room, we know you will enjoy your living space again soon. At least until the next time it needs a bit of a change, right?