Discover The Convenience of a Keypad 


When you’re a homeowner, you know that your front door is more than just that. It’s a gateway to shared experiences, a welcoming point for friends and fun memories, and an entryway that leads to life’s best adventures with the ones you love. These joyous life moments are made even easier with smart locks: innovative entryway hardware that allows you and your guests to come and go with the ease of keyless entry. One way to upgrade your keyless entry system is through the use of an auxiliary keypad. With a keypad, you can create specific entry codes for all the people who need them, without the hassle of copying keys or having to stay home on door duty. Keypads are just another way smart locks allow you to make your life simple and secure.

Created with Simplicity and Design in Mind

By adding a keypad to your smart lock system, you don’t have to compromise your design aesthetics for the sake of technological simplicity. Some keypads are sleek, compact, wireless, and can be installed discreetly with a few simple steps.

Keypads are also easy to operate, and typically require only a set of two AAA batteries to power them. These batteries typically have a life of about two years, so you don’t have to worry about them running out anytime soon.

Setting Up and Using Your Keypad

Once you’ve installed your keypad, you’ll pair it with a compatible app associated with your keyless entry system. Once they’re connected, you can create a specific code for anyone in your life who needs one. Maybe you’re throwing a party, and want to have a simple way for guests to enter and exit. Or perhaps you have a dog walker that stops by a few times a week, who you’d like to be able to come and go without the hassle of leaving a key under the mat. Or maybe you’ve just signed up to list your home as a rental on a home-sharing site, and want to have a way to manage guest access without having to be on site. Whatever the situation, you can easily create a unique key code for it. Key codes can be managed from your automated entry system app, so you can set specific dates and times that allow them to be used. Once the time period you’ve allotted is up, the key code will become inactive, so you don’t have to worry about guests overstaying their welcome.

Guests can use the key code to unlock the door when they arrive and lock it when they leave. Additionally, depending on your keypad’s software capabilities, you can create a keypad shortcut to lock the door so that your guests can lock up when they leave just by holding down a single key. You can also set up an auto-lock feature, which will lock your deadbolt after a certain amount of time. Either way, you can rest assured your home will be secure. You’ll also be able to track each entry and exit to your home, as you’ll receive notifications of keypad usage via your smart lock’s app.

Delete and Repeat

Once a guest’s stay has ended and they no longer require a key code to your home, you can easily delete the code you assigned them and revoke their access via your smart lock’s app. This ensures that no one can utilize a code after their allotted time in your home or rental. This is a great feature for those who have short-term vacation renters staying with them, or if you’ve got contractors coming in and out for a home renovation project.

Smart locks provide you with the incredible ease of keyless entry, so you and your guests can come and go as you please. A great way to upgrade your smart home system is by installing a keypad smart lock. With a keypad, you can create unique codes for anyone that needs access to your home: whether it be a vacation renter, a dog walker, a contractor, or your best friend stopping by for a cup of tea on the patio to gossip (and marvel at your sleek and smart entryway!). The door to a home is a gateway of possibility, so why not maximize its potential with a modern and easy-to-use keypad smart lock?