6 Easy Outfit Ideas for Summer 2022 


Hot weather, bright sunshine, and no idea what to wear. Yep, it’s officially summer.

Summer can be one of the hardest seasons to dress for because the hot weather makes it difficult to add a lot of layers like you can in the colder seasons. A great way to come up with a fun and versatile outfit for summer is to pair your favorite TomboyX bralette with sneakers and some colorful pants. That’s only one example, but today we are here to give you six easy outfit ideas for this summer. Let’s jump right in and get started.

Prism Scoop Bralette – Rainbow Spill

The first outfit idea we have for you today is to pair your Prism Scoop Bralette in the Rainbow Spill design with your favorite pair of black joggers. In the summer, it’s better to opt for joggers that have a light, breathable material, so you won’t be dying from the heat. You could also put on some white sneakers. These could be white canvas shoes or running shoes. It’s totally up to your personal preference. To top off your outfit, add a black baseball cap. This additional black detail will tie in with the black joggers. The rainbow design of the bralette in contrast with the neutral blacks and whites of the rest of the outfit will make everybody do a double-take when you walk by.

All Day Bralette – TENCEL™ Modal Java

For this summer fit, you’ll need your All Day Bralette in the color Modal Java, a dark brown shade that looks stunning on every skin tone. Pair the All Day Bralette with a mini skirt in the color of your choosing, and if you’re feeling bold, add some black fishnets to go with the skirt. The fishnets add so much character to any outfit, and it looks great with the Modal Java All Day Bralette. An additional detail to add to this outfit is a cardigan draped over the shoulders. By wearing a cardigan this way, you are adding an extra element to the outfit while still keeping yourself cool. Lastly, put on your favorite pair of white platform sneakers. This outfit is perfect for when you wanna stay super cool but also want to up your outfit a little bit.

Adjustable Compression Top – Chai

The Adjustable Compression Top in Chai is a wardrobe staple. The tan color of this top is the perfect neutral that matches any other color. For this outfit idea, we recommend pairing this top with some patterned or solid-colored paper bag pants. These pants look stunning against the tighter fit of the Adjustable Compression Top. Then, put on your favorite pair of canvas sneakers, preferably in a different color than the pants. To tie it all together, add a handbag or backpack in the same color as your sneakers. This tri-color outfit is the perfect colorful summer look with a nice neutral base.

Prism Scoop Bralette – Twist the Rainbow

This next outfit will be especially nice to wear during those days that are hotter than normal. Pair your Prism Scoop Bralette in the Twist the Rainbow design with some black biker shorts. Then, strap on neutral or black platform sandals, and your outfit is good to go. You’ll stay cool all day long in this Prism Scoop Bralette outfit. If you want to add an additional layer for when you feel cool, find your lightest, airiest short-sleeve button-down shirt, and wear it open over your bralette. This adds a nice put-together touch while still keeping you cool and protecting your skin from the sun.

Lounge Bralette LC – TENCEL™ Modal Ultraviolet

Fun and daring, the Modal Ultraviolet shade of this bralette will quickly become your favorite darker color to wear in the summer. This easy outfit only requires three things: your Lounge Bralette LC in Modal Ultraviolet, some solid-colored leggings (dark teal or army green would be fun colors to pair with the violet of this bralette), and black and white checked canvas sneakers. This outfit, though simple, has a big personality, and you’ll fall in love as soon as you try it on.

Compression Top – White

This next outfit incorporates a lot of white, so if white is your favorite neutral to wear, then this summer outfit will be perfect for you. First, you’ll need your TomboyX Compression Top in the color White. You’ll also need white platform sneakers and a white baseball cap. Add that necessary pop of color to your fit with some patterned leggings. Your favorite pair of patterned leggings will be like the cherry on top of the cake. This outfit is great for keeping away the heat, and you’ll love showing off your TomboyX Compression Top.


There are so many ways to wear TomboyX bralettes and compression tops. These outfits will keep feeling cool and looking hot all summer long.