The 10 Unexpected Benefits of Cannabis


With legalization and decriminalization in two-thirds of the U.S., there is less stigma surrounding cannabis use. Now, many are realizing its benefits for the first time, including some unexpected bonuses. Many healthcare providers are also prescribing medical cannabis to their patients, while medical marijuana providers such as NuggMD are helping them to obtain their medical marijuana cards.

In 2022, cannabis is still federally considered a Schedule 1 drug, so these are still early days for scientific research. But with wider state legalization, studies are beginning to unearth new health and wellness benefits of cannabis use.

Of the hundreds of cannabinoids in cannabis, THC, the one that gets you high, and CBD, which is not psychoactive, are the most studied. Here are some of their most exciting benefits.

1. Treating Anxiety Disorders

This might be the most popular reason that people take CBD products. A preclinical study has found that CBD can help treat post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder.

From smoking hemp flower, rich in CBD, to tinctures and edibles, there are many options for treatment.

2. Epilepsy

Sufferers of epilepsy often have debilitating seizures. For these patients, many traditionally prescribed drugs aren’t useful in reducing uncontrollable seizures.

Patients have reported alleviated symptoms from taking CBD in edible or smokable forms. The FDA has also approved certain cannabinoid-based drugs to treat types of epilepsy.

3. Asthma

Although smoking cannabis flower is not advised for those with asthma, cannabis is useful when taken in edible form.

Asthma causes chronic inflammation of the lungs and shortness of breath. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been found to reduce these symptoms.

4. Increased Appetite

Many people are familiar with the munchies. Those late-night runs for snack foods may come to mind. This boosted appetite can help people who suffer from loss of appetite.

HIV and cancer patients struggle to eat because of the symptoms of antiretroviral medications and stress. Cannabis can help these patients increase their food intake and maintain healthy body weight.

5. Reducing Nausea

Cancer patients going through chemotherapy often struggle with intense nausea and vomiting. These symptoms can cause extreme weight loss. Cannabis use can help combat these symptoms.

Edible cannabis can take longer to absorb in the bloodstream. For chemo patients, smoking or vaping cannabis flower is the preferred method. The inhaled cannabis reaches the brain quicker, providing relief sooner.

6. Mindfulness

In the busy tech-driven world of 2022, many people find it hard to be present in their daily lives. The 24-hour news cycle and social media addiction can cause distraction.

For many cannabis users, escaping this environment is a huge appeal of using these products. Smoking, vaping, or consuming edible THC can give feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and presence in the moment.

7. Chronic Pain Management

As we age, our bodies develop aches and pains. Everything from past injuries, to medical conditions and the wear and tear of life can be the source of this.

When smoked or consumed, cannabis can relieve pain. Unlike many opiate-derived medications traditionally used for pain management, these solutions are non-addictive.

8. Weight Management

This may come as a surprise, but recreational cannabis use has been linked to reduced body weight and waist circumference.

Data analyzed by the South Indiana University biological department found that cannabis users are 30-35% less likely to be obese. On average, they have a 7% lower body mass index.

Although further studies are needed, this potential for weight loss could help pre-diabetic people from developing Type II Diabetes.

9. Increased Creativity

Look no further than the psychedelic movement of the 1960s. Many prominent creators of music and visual arts now and then vouch for the use of cannabis during their creative process.

It’s more than anecdotal. Studies have found cannabis lights up parts of the brain associated with creativity. The benefits of this effect are even stronger in people who aren’t naturally creative.

10. Sleep

It is common for people to struggle with insomnia to different degrees of severity. Cannabis users often smoke or consume edibles as part of their nightly regimen to improve sleep quality.

Symptoms from multiple sclerosis, restless leg syndrome, and chronic pain can lead to poor sleep. Using cannabis before bed can help people to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer with fewer disruptions.

Cannabis may also be effective in treating PTSD. Studies have shown a reduction in REM sleep when dreaming is most active. This can be beneficial to these patients that often have vivid nightmares or trouble relaxing at night.


With cannabis still federally illegal, cannabis research and studies are only just ramping up. But as laws evolve, the future is hopeful for the plant’s benefits on health and wellness.

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