Straight Razor vs. Double Edge: Which Is Right for You?


For men who need to maintain their facial hair, whether they go fully clean shaven, or keep an immaculately lined beard, very little comes close to the satisfaction of a clean shave. While most men enjoy the regular maintenance of keeping their facial hair, there is something special about shaving after a few days of neglect. Life gets crazy, time gets away from you, and before you know it you have some new friends growing on your mug that you need to take care of. When you actually get around to shaving, it’s nothing short of glorious.

Unfortunately, for many men, shaving has become less about quality and more about capacity. As life get’s busier and busier, the average man feels like he has less and less time to shave. That’s one of the reasons that convenient, but cheap box-style cartridge razors have become so popular. While for some men, this may seem like the best option, the truth is they represent the lowest quality shave possible.

Taking time to learn how to give yourself a high-quality shave using an actual razor blade is one of the most satisfying, and gratifying things you can do. It can help you slow down and practice some important self-care. Yes, it can take more time and maintenance to do a traditional straight razor shave than a cartridge blade shave, but soon it becomes a seamless part of your schedule.

If you have been curious about how to upgrade your shaving experience, then perhaps you have heard about the double-edge safety razor, and the straight razor. Both are far superior to a disposable or cartridge style razor, however, they are both very unique. If you have been wondering what the differences are between these two styles and which one is best for you – here is everything you need to know.

The Benefit of a Double Razor

When it comes to understanding which razor is best for you, you have to look at the benefits that each kind brings to the table. The double razor style has some clear benefits that make it a great choice for some men. One of its main benefits is that a double razor is considerably easier and safer to use than a straight razor, and gives a much more clean, fresh cut than a cartridge razor.

The reason that cartridge-style razors have become so popular is that they are marketed as being the easiest and most convenient shaving option. You simply pick them up and start using them. Once the blade is dulled, you replace the cartridge or replace the entire apparatus if it was a disposable razor.

Yes, this has its advantages, but its disadvantages are the quality of your shave is not as high as with a double razor or straight razor. The major advantage of a double razor is that you get a huge step up in quality, while still maintaining some convenience. If time is of the essence, then a double razor might be the best fit.

The Benefit of a Straight Razor

The straight razor is definitely the most involved option, but it also offers the highest quality shave. That’s because a well-maintained straight razor can bring what no other razor type can to your shaving routine. With a straight razor, you can practice precise control over your shave like never before, and enjoy the lack of razor burn, or ingrown hairs that oftentimes result from lesser quality razors.

While some men might view the more involved process negatively, the straight razor experience can become an important part of your day. Slowing down and investing in your shave can be a way of getting in some quality ‘me’ time, which is hard to come by. Not only that but keeping a straight razor properly maintained can be a satisfying experience.

A quality straight razor can also save you money over the long run. The life span of a well-maintained straight razor far outlasts those of any other kind.


The only con to choosing a straight razor is that for the uninitiated, there is a learning curve. Even then, however, the learning curve can be mastered. For a lot of men, learning a new skill can help boost confidence, especially when that skill makes you look your best.

Yes, there’s a learning curve and more maintenance involved with the straight razor than other options, but this learning curve can have a high ROI on your time and effort. The skill you learn when using a straight razor is one that you will keep your entire life and one that you will constantly be improving on. Using a straight razor can turn a normal chore into a repeating, enjoyable experience that you will grow to look forward to.