Investing 101: How to Get Started


One of the greatest benefits of the modern digital age is the incredible access people have to various investments. At no other point in time has the ability to invest resources and see personal financial growth been so attainable. Thanks to technology and platforms that have allowed day trading to become a hobby, this kind of practice is not relegated anymore to just serious investors.

When it comes to investing, options like stock shares and real estate are still among the most popular and well-known options. While the stock market has become widely available to almost anyone, there are still incredible options that exist for investors who want to diversify their portfolios. One of those investments, that you may not know a whole lot about, is wine investment.

If you have been looking for a new way to invest and diversify your portfolio, wine investment could be the perfect option for you. With a market that is booming, a commodity that only increases with age, wine can be a promising resource to invest in with returns that you’ll be happy with.

If you have been wanting to find out more about wine investment and what it is, here is everything you need to know!

What Exactly Is Wine Investment?

So what exactly is wine investment? Is it the ultimate dream of a wine hobbyist or is it solely the work of a sommelier, working as some kind of initiation process to prove how serious you are about this delicious beverage?

The good news is that wine investment is not ‘for’ any one specific person or people group – but it can be enjoyed by anyone. While those who enjoy wine or are even passionate about wine will be naturally more drawn to this investment option, the fact remains that this is an investment anyone can become a part of.

Vint is a wine investment platform that allows investors to purchase shares in rare, unique wine collections. Because the value of wine increases, these collections are then placed on the market and sold at a profit to the shareholder.

How Long Has Wine Investing Been Around?

What is interesting about wine, and what makes it such an exciting investment in the modern era, is that this kind of investment is rather new. While wine has always been a treasured and valued commodity of society as long as it’s been in existence, and to some degree investing in wine is nothing new, only in the last few decades has this become popular in the United States. In fact, in the 1980s wine started to become legal for collectors and investors to sell without a retail license. This increased the amount of wine that collectors would actually purchase and encouraged investors to buy into wine investment on a grander scale.

One of the problems that have faced the world of wine investment has always been accessibility. Wine does make a good investment and can return a profit to its investors, however, this world is meticulous, precise, and deeply loved. That means that in order to understand the wine that is valuable and invest in it properly has always represented a rather large learning cuve.

That’s where Vint comes into the picture.

How to Invest in Wine Today

In 2019 Vint was created with the singular goal of helping bring wine investment into the mainstream by making it available for anyone who would want to invest. This was a pretty ambitious goal because there are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to making this viable.

Opening up the world of wine investment to the common person represented a huge step forward, and takes teams of wine and investment experts to make this happen. By utilizing modern tech to build an accessible platform, Vint has been able to create the first transparent, SEC-approved wine investment platform the world has ever seen.

So how does this work?

For anyone that wants to invest in wine, it’s as easy as creating a Vint profile and buying shares of curated wine collections. Vint is made up primarily of two teams of people who deal with wine and investment. World-class wine experts do all the hard work of not only finding investment wine but curating specific collections that are going to grow in value on the market.

Once this step is done, the wine collection is verified by the SEC and wine investors can use Vint’s platform to purchase shares of the collection. After all of the shares have been purchased, Vint also does the hard work of monitoring the market and selling at optimal value.


Vint takes the hardest work that has for years been a barrier to wine investment and makes it a thing of the past. With a transparent, easy-to-understand platform, wine investment really is something that can be enjoyed by anyone.