21 Proven Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners 


The world today has greatly innovated in terms of how people make money. While some might require traveling to their office or selling physical goods to make money, today’s world enables people to earn money online. This way, they no longer have to exert more effort into doing physical things, wherein they can allow everything to be on the cloud.

Making money online has become more popular each day as it’s convenient, quick, and easy. However, there are still various challenges that one must face to ensure they earn enough money and avoid getting scammed.

For a beginner, things might be extra hard as you need to ensure that you earn money legitimately. To make things easier, below are some of the proven ways to make money online for beginners:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Today’s online world enables the marketing world to go wide, including affiliate marketing. This type of arrangement involves being the middle man between the retailer and customer, allowing you to earn a commission for every sale.

Read now and look for more examples online of various things you can do to make enough money. However, keep in mind that you’ll need good marketing experience to gather clients and deliver quality results.

2. Drop Shipping

Running a business online has been getting more popular as you can reach a wider audience with the help of the internet. As you try to sell products, you might want to consider dropshipping, so you don’t have to worry about stockpiling in your garage and can instead rely on a third-party business to handle everything for you. With drop shipping, you’ll be selling products directly to your customers but let other companies deliver the goods to your customers for you. It’ll be a great way to earn money without holding plenty of stocks inside your home.

3. Be A Virtual Assistant

Every successful business needs an assistant that could help to make things easier for them. A great way you can earn money online is by applying to be a virtual assistant. With this type of work, you’ll do an assistant job virtually. You may be in charge of setting meetings, communicating with other clients, handling documents, and anything else your client asks you to. With this, you can provide maximum help, making business owners’ lives much easier without stepping outside your home.

4. E-Commerce

Selling products would always be a great way to earn money online and offline. Since you’d like to focus on marketing your products online, going through the world of e-commerce would always be a great choice. With this, you’ll build a website and sell your products online. You can sell anything you’d like, from keychains to large furniture. All you need to do is to market them well and ensure that you provide good customer service to gather plenty of customers, turning your business into a success.

5. Sell Arts And Crafts

If you’re into arts and crafts as you enjoy knitting, crocheting, painting, making jewelry, or pottering, you should think about selling your crafts online and making good money. You can either build your own website or look for other platforms that allow you to sell products related to your niche. You can also create them readily or allow customization to sell them for a higher price. Just ensure you market and photograph your crafts well and make them as attractive as possible.

6. Provide Online Service

Apart from selling products to your customers, you might want to consider providing them with a service that could help to make their lives easier. Depending on your skills, you can provide them with social media management, video editing, marketing, and more. Anything that you can give digitally is something you could sell. You can either be hired full-time or look for a client that can offer you maximum flexibility so you can work at your own time and phase. That’ll be a great way to earn money without leaving your home.

7. Start A Blog

If writing is one of your best interests, you might want to consider starting a blog yourself. With this, you’ll need to produce as much content as possible and provide valuable information to your niche.

To earn money through blogs, you can work with an ad network, sponsored content, or write guest posts for other blogs. You could optimize your blog’s SEO to appear near the top of search results when people look for your content online.

8. Consider Print On Demand Business

A great way you can earn money online by selling products without having actually to keep plenty of stocks with you is by having a print-on-demand business. With this type of business, you’ll only produce the prints once a customer has placed their order on your website. This could be a T-shirt, bag, mug, or anything else that can be printed directly. In addition, you can also offer customized products to make yours more unique and exciting compared to your competitors.

9. Create Original Content

The world of digital content has been getting more popular each day. So, if you’re fond of video editing and producing content on your own, you might want to consider creating original content and uploading it to a video-sharing website for people to see. You can earn money through ads every time people view your video. However, you might need to meet a certain criterion to make your video content eligible for monetization. But with a bit more work, you can allow yourself to be profitable, which can help to turn this into your full-time business.

10. Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys is the quickest and easiest way to make money online. This way, you won’t need to exert much effort into doing anything but rather answer basic questions on the survey. Luckily there are no wrong answers as you only need to respond based on your opinion, which companies will pay you for. While taking online surveys might be quick, they might not offer a large amount of money. Some might even require you to take multiple surveys to fully withdraw your money. But still, it’s an easy way to earn money online.

11. Start A Live Stream Channel

Starting a live stream channel is another popular way to earn money online. With this, you might need to be in front of a camera and talk to your audience live. You can do anything you want, but using original content can help you to attract more audiences to your live stream. You can try to play video games, do house tours, Q&A, interview popular people, or just get in touch with your followers and ask them about their day. While this might be a bit challenging, as you need to gather plenty of audiences to turn this into a success, gathering enough people allows you to get sponsored content or collaborations, enabling you to earn more money.

12. Sell Your Photography

If you enjoy taking photographs of nature or anything around your environment and you’re producing beautiful images, you might want to consider selling your photography online. You can sell them to photo websites that offer subscriptions to their audience so they can grab their photos for their website. You can be a photo contributor by selling your images to them. The more high-quality photos you can provide, the more profits you’ll earn from your hobby.

13. Become A Website Tester

Since the world today revolves around the internet, you can just imagine how many websites are being built day by day in hopes of getting money out of it. As people build websites, they need to ensure they’re in their best shape as much as possible to avoid any complications and complaints from their audience. With that, they need to hire website testers to see its limit and report any anomalies they observe. If it’s something you’re comfortable with, you might want to consider applying as a website tester.

14. Teach English Online

You’d be so surprised at how many people like to start learning English. If you’re confident with your language skills and would love to share them with the world, you could try teaching English online. With this, you’ll apply to institutions that offer English lessons to different countries and handle children as your students. However, this might require a video call with your students as they need to see and hear you understand further what you’re trying to discuss with them.

15. Conduct Online Lessons

Another way you can earn money online by teaching is by sharing any skills you might have. This can include music, art, writing, cooking, marketing, or anything you’re confident about. You can either teach one-on-one or hold a group session wherein you’ll gather a minimum of four students and teach them the skills they need to learn. It’ll be a great way to sharpen your skill further while sharing your knowledge with others.

16. Be A Writer

If you’re not too fond or confident of starting your own blog, you might want to consider being a writer for a different blog or writing agency. With this, you’ll be paid per article, depending on what kind of topic you’re writing, along with how many words you need to produce. This would be a great way to make money but still, hold your own time as you’ll usually be left with a deadline and allow yourself to work during the most convenient time. The more you write articles, the more money you’ll earn from them.

17. Sell Pre-Loved Items Online

Of course, one of the best and most common ways to earn money online as a beginner is by selling your pre-loved items online. If you have plenty of things lying around your room that you no longer have use for, you might want to consider selling them instead of throwing them in the trash. This way, you’re reducing your waste and allowing yourself to earn money from it. Just ensure that you’re selling your items in mint condition so you can sell them for a higher yet reasonable price as much as you can.

18. Do Voice-Overs

If you have a distinct or monotone voice, you might want to consider doing voice-overs right in the comforts of your own home. With this, you’ll be reading your lines, recording yourself in a soundproof room, and sending them to your client, which they can use for their business. You can either do voice-overs for storytelling, narrating audiobooks, and more. However, this might require you to invest in a good microphone with a noise-canceling feature to ensure that you’ll provide clear and crisp voice recording.

19. Enter Online Competitions

Entering competitions is another common way you can earn money online. However, it might not have guaranteed results since the winner would be the only one who could get the prize, and people participating might not get paid for it. Nonetheless, it’s still a fun way you can earn money online as you can deem yourself worthy once you’ve won the competition by yourself. Luckily, you can join many online matches such as photography, drawing, video, or dance contest.

20. Translate Documents

If you’re fluent in two languages, you might want to consider translating documents for a living. This would be the best way to earn money without putting too much effort into it as you’re only translating from one language to another, which is something you can be comfortable with. Since you’re fluent in both languages, you can fully understand their idioms and context and be able to translate them well into a different language. This can also help you learn and understand more about both languages as you’ll be more exposed to various sentence structures.

21. Design Websites

If you’re on the creative and techy side, you might want to consider designing websites for a living. This way, you can enhance your creativity and ensure that people can easily navigate through the website and have a good experience. As you design your website, you must practice proper branding and UI/UX to provide the best results. It’ll be a fun way to be in control of how a website looks like and allow your imagination to flood in.


Earning money online would be a fun and new way to make money. You could try selling, translating documents, providing digital services, starting a blog, and more. With the number of things you could try, there has to be something that you can find enjoyment in, allowing you to love what you do while still earning money from it. While things might be a bit difficult at first, getting the hang out of it allows you to enjoy the comfortability and convenience of working from home.