Back in business: Students of all ages weigh in on the coming school year

Willie showed up to welcome students back to school at the annual Housing and Dining Pancake Feed on August 18, 2018. (Archive photo by Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

As the last bit of summer wraps up, students and staff reconvene to begin another year of studies, extracurriculars, friendships and opportunities.  For both eager first-year students and seasoned seniors, this year marks the beginning and the end of an unforgettable college experience.

Giovanni Poggi-Corradini, freshman in computer science and physics, was eager to jump into the school year ahead of him. However, he also voiced concerns about being an adult, a common feeling among freshmen.

“What I’m hoping to get out of this year is just to gain a better understanding of what it is I want to do and progress all of my interests,” Poggi-Corradini said. “I’m nervous about having to be more responsible now.” 

Jack Graefe, sophomore in geology, was positive as he looked toward the new semester. Recalling memories of late-night walks around campus last year, which he referred to as “therapeutic”.

“I’m hoping to learn some important things from my classes, but also learn more about myself and the career path I’d like to take,” Graefe said. “I also want to see K-State beat KU in basketball this year.”

Masson Josiah, junior in integrated computer science, reminisced on his most memorable experience, conveying what moment in time he knew K-State would become his home.

“My favorite memory here is the first time touring the campus,” Josiah said. “The reason is I saw everything, I had an excellent tour guide and it really drew me to this school… this place is beautiful.” 

Josiah advises underclassmen to “make solid connections with [their] professors and get on top of [their] school work.”

Matthew Sherraden, a senior in history, reflects on his college experience as he completes his final year of university before receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree.

“My favorite memory [at K-State] was when the mask mandate went away,” Sherraden said. “My advice to freshmen is that the best thing you can do for time management is to just conform to a schedule that fits your needs and get plenty of sleep.”

As the school year carries on, upperclassmen and underclassmen are met with feelings of excitement, apprehension, yearning for self-discovery and the expansion of their academic horizons.