Featured Artist: ‘der Tod’ by Josie Carey

Every week, the Collegian features different works from student artists. (Graphic by Catherine Eldridge | Collegian Media Group)

She has come to rest in the corner of my room.
                                    With dust covering her body like a white film, it catches my eye.
A ghost in the dark. 

                                    In the dead of night, I will hear her moan out;
A plea to feel the rush
Of fingers upon her keys.

                                    The strings have long rusted,
And the keys would stick if I dreamt of playing again.
                                    A thick wet heat in the air has decayed her perfect body.

She rots in the corner of my room.
                                    A valley stretches through her side, spreading day to day,
While tiny dust spiders create homes in her gaping wounds. 

Jaundice has coated itself over her once ivory bones,
                                    And a whisper of death has wrapped himself around her,
Like a sheet that I never covered her in. 

                                    Shame weighs heavy on my back.
A burlap sack filled with all of her broken-down parts,
Scars the skin on my shoulder. 

                                    Now, the halls are silent,
And there is not one dream of love
                                    To whisper into the night.