Lafene announces administration fee for COVID-19 Vaccine

Lafene Student Health Center on September 27, 2018. (Archive photo by Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

Lafene Health Center continues to provide COVID-19 vaccines for students, faculty and staff at Kansas State University, but now with an administration fee, Shawn Funk, marketing and communication director for Lafene, said. 

“Beginning Monday, Aug. 15, students had to pay $23.75 for an administration fee for each dose if they haven’t gotten any and they still need it,” Funk said. “Then they’d have to pay that $23.75 for each dose and then if they get a booster that would be another $23.75 and non-students have to pay $25 for that administration.” 

Funk said the charge is not for the vaccine itself, but for the administration fee.  

“We’re not charging for the vaccine.  We are just charging an administration fee which is for administering the vaccine, and most places or a lot of places have already been charging that administrative fee,” Funk said. “We just were not charging that before, and so now we started budget cuts this year, and so it was just something that was necessary for us to continue to provide it.”  

Bailey Thornton, freshman in animal science, said she supports vaccines at K-State, even with the charge, because it helps protect the community. 

“I do not think it is a terrible idea to charge for the vaccines since it is not overpriced,” Thornton said. “Also, it is not a bad idea for people who have not gotten their vaccine, should get it now or soon since COVID is still a threat.”

Funk said the actual vaccine is free and is provided by the government. 

“Up until now, nobody had to pay for the COVID vaccine [because] it is provided by the government. But other vaccines are purchased by the administration,” Funk said. “Administration providers, like doctors’ offices and pharmacies. That is why there is a charge for those vaccines, and then an administration fee.”  

Meghan Dillon, senior in psychology, said she is thankful students can receive a vaccine on campus.  

“It is great that KSU provided the option for students, faculty, and staff to get their shot,” Dillon said. “It was very convenient.”  

Funk said during the pandemic, many people registered for their COVID-19 vaccine.

“We held some clinics last year at the Rec Center and so those would be huge days because we had offered not only the vaccine but had all our nurses over and a table set up and then we had people coming in and scheduling their vaccine shots,” Funk said. “And we gave a lot on those days.”

Isabel Haake, sophomore in parks management, said she is happy Lafene offers vaccines because it helps shape a better, healthier district in Manhattan, Kansas. 

“The Lafene Health Center providing the COVID vaccine for all students would be a great way to ensure the health and safety within the KSU campus and community,” Haake said. 

Funk said there is a decline in patients this year, due to the amount of patients already vaccinated. 

“The numbers have declined since the beginning because once we had those clinics that’s where we have the biggest numbers and then we’ve still had a few that have wanted to get the vaccine,”  Funk said.  “But obviously those numbers have declined over time, just because people are already vaccinated.” 

Funk said she is grateful for the Lafene Health Center.

“Lafene Health Center is beneficial for the K-State community because of the exceptional quality of services that are offered at Lafene. It is convenient for students and for faculty and staff since it is located near campus,” Funk said. “Besides vaccines, Lafene offers a full-service pharmacy, physical therapy, lab, and travel consults.” 

To schedule an appointment for a vaccine, go to myLAFENE+ patient portal or call 785-523-6544. For more information about the Lafene COVID-19 vaccine visit the Updates on COVID-19 vaccine opportunities at Lafene Health Center website