Featured Artist: ‘visual’ by Kira Bishop

The Collegian features different works from student artists in our "Featured Artists" section. (Graphic by Catherine Eldridge | Collegian Media Group)

slithering brookes with rock bottoms and salamanders coveting the biggest rock castle
small pines dipped in raindrops and mossy wood floors clothed in damp needles

eternal unbending highways through level arid land — the occasional cacti family having a meeting
noiseless nightfall; tents upright and petite solar lamps dangling from a string inside — a star

axe-sliced logs from the offbeat gas station; the cashier’s flaxen visage, a kind grin indeed
low flames hiss as the logs begin to change with the setting sky; shades shift darker

bleary eyes flit, lids heavy with sleep, but the sun is so inclined to bring the world to rise
lusty stillness floods the early atmosphere — not a sound, though the world is ready to croon

well-worn journals and books strewn about the passenger seat — Rilke sits on top of the others
a day as worthy as life itself — possibilities as endless as the yellow dashed markings, mile after mile

bleached dashboard, sun-faded cloth seats, small chips in the windshield from passing rigs
french press coffee, chicken-scratched travel notes on ripped edges; a new destination