REVIEW: Born Without Bones’ most intimate album: ‘Baby’

(Graphic by Catherine Eldridge | Collegian Media Group)

In 2013, the alternative rock band, Born Without Bones, released their most emotionally stimulating album, “Baby.” Filled with powerful lyricism, fantastic instrumental energy and raw vocals, this album flawlessly resembles the internal sensations the collection encapsulates.

“Baby” is a storyline detailing the soul-stirring tribulations of past relationships, the unrestrained euphoria of love and the perpetual suffering that follows the end of those once seemingly divine connections. The tracklist, which consists of 11 songs, is cleverly placed in an order that depicts the wishy-washy nature of indecision in these defeatist scenarios while lyrically resembling a compilation of complex inner dialogue and regret.

Maintaining a general appeal to the ears, the songs “Stone,” “Bad Habit,” “Cheap Fun” and “Cancelled” exemplify the intrusion of a lost and unattainable desire. Although rhythmically satisfying, when combined into the same album, these songs may perplex some while remaining intriguingly understandable to others.

Other songs like “Suffice,” “Sync,” “I Was in Love” and “Slow Motion” capture a repentant tribute to the extraordinary passion once harnessed by the lyricist while describing the doubts and mishandling of that very romance through a series of melancholic confessions.

The remaining tracks “Rough Terrain,” “Rough Terrain (Reprise)” and “Baby” are some of the more dreary songs on the album. However, it effectively portrays the overall theme of remorse. This band tends to rise above traditionally constricting musical barriers to produce resolute tunes that cannot help but evoke a sense of recoil in the heart.

“Baby” is a harrowing album. Each song conveys to the listener a blatant, arduous transparency regarding the simple message — longing, loathing and liability for everything that is not supposed to happen, but did. Regardless of biased and subjective opinions, it is irrefutably a vulnerable and drama-driven album, faultlessly characterizing what it means to be with and without. 

“Baby” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Pandora.