6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Natural Makeup Look


1. Prioritize Your Skin First

Always, always, always moisturize! The key to a makeup look that is all about glowy, natural skin is in fact accomplished by prioritizing actually having glowy, natural skin. Funny how that works. A “no makeup” makeup look or even just a more natural makeup look for that matter requires you to indulge in some skin prep. This all comes down to hydrating and moisturizing the skin so it is supple and ready to go for absorbing whatever products you put on it. Try a moisturizing gel cream or hydrating mask to ensure your best natural makeup look-ready complexion.

2. Know that Primer Is Your New Holy Grail

Prioritizing a primer in your daily regimen before putting on makeup is your best friend when looking to pull off a natural makeup look. Primer is the easiest way to accomplish a smooth base which is particularly important because of the lack of other heavy products that will be involved in a minimal look. Because a natural makeup look isn’t going to be reliant on heavy foundations and products that will cover your pores and flaws, a primer serves as an important step in allowing your skin to be prepped to hold, maintain, and elevate layers of lighter makeup. Primer can be catered to your specific skin’s needs or look you’re working to accomplish whether it’s to fill in any pores, add a glow, or blend in for a blurring soft look.

3. Go For a Lighter Coverage Option

In natural makeup looks, you really want to avoid thick, full-coverage foundations because they give off a completely different vibe than a natural look. Even if your foundation is high quality, most people would agree that the word “natural” is not the first word that comes to mind when looking at skin with a heavier, pore-filling, flattening smooth substance that can sometimes even be described as cakey. Tinted moisturizers are all the rage right now and with the combination of a primer, they prove to be the perfect pairing to give you proper coverage and blend while keeping your skin looking light, elevated, and radiant. BB and CC creams are also great ways to accomplish this look.

4. Look Into Natural Lash Extensions

A part of the “no makeup” makeup look that so many enjoy is the less time they spend getting ready in the morning. The natural makeup look requires less prep and truly plays into a more minimal non “try-hard” regimen that creates space and time in life for other things. One of the things that many women report is most annoying to do on a daily basis is mascara. That’s where lash extensions can be a huge game changer as they allow your lashes to look their best with no effort on a daily basis. The problem is that up until now, most lash techs have prioritized glam, bushy, voluminous, black lashes. Luckily, natural lash extensions are becoming far more popular. Many women are even buying DIY Home Kits and doing their extensions themselves which is a new move for the modern, natural woman.

5. Find a Quality Concealer

Many women’s highest concern in choosing to go the natural makeup router is that the lighter makeup won’t cover their blemishes. That’s why completing the perfect natural makeup look requires finding a quality concealer as an essential step to make sure those dark circles and blemishes are out of sight and out of mind. We would still recommend finding a light to medium coverage weight in a hydrating concealer that plays into your glowy, dewy, natural look of the other products without looking too heavy or caked on. Blending the concealer in with your fingers is another little trick to make the product melt right in. The more luminous the better!

6. Choose Cream Products

With this makeup trend, cream products are everything. They are perfect for natural looks as they allow the product to blend and sink into your skin easily. A cream multi-stick for blush, lip and eye shadow has quickly grown to be a beauty guru cult classic. But even finding a cream bronzer or highlighter is an excellent way to expound upon the glowy goodness of an all-natural, non-flat look. If you’re worried about these products not staying all day, you can always finish off with a setting spray or lightly set your products with a powder. Ultimately, cream products give you the dimension and buildable coverage you desire with the perfect level of dewiness and flush that a natural look favors.