Featured Artist: ‘How easy it is to forget the world’ by Alex Rewerts

The Collegian features different works from student artists in our "Featured Artists" section. (Graphic by Catherine Eldridge | Collegian Media Group)

How easy it is to forget the world
When I am the flesh, that body untoward,
The light that bleeds through crinkling blinds,
Illusions imagined, wearing sheep’s hide,
I followed the path less traveled by scribes,
Only to find that this way was unripe,
Leading me now to a better-off dream,
Since life as is now lost all its esteem,
Follow me softly and watch where you step,
These grounds, they look safe when nothing is left,
But I have been burned — so harshly by you,
Find me the divine, a sentence or two,
With ink and rage — I’ll stay true to the word,
How easy it was to forget the world.