Find a Spot at On The Spot Improv

Nate Kochuyt (left) pretends to hand a nail to Lorna Hurt (right) during a skit for the Halloween Show on October 29, 2018 in Wildcat Chamber. On the Spot Improv holds weekly performances on campus throughout the school year. (Archive photo by Andrea Klepper | Collegian Media Group)

One cost-effective way to receive quality entertainment at Kansas State is to visit one of the more obscure theatrical art performances on campus: On The Spot Improv, which takes place every Monday.

On The Spot Improv is an independent, student-run organization at Kansas State. Members master the creative method of improvisation through free, weekly and entertaining shows available to the university. The entirety of On The Spot Improv shows are acted out exactly as described — on the spot. The audience is entangled in imaginative plotlines as the improvisers call upon the spectators to share with them occasionally indecent ad-lib scenarios to enact, after which the storyline ingeniously splits in several unsuspecting and humorous directions.

Tim Peltier, senior in statistics and data science, first received word of On The Spot Improv auditions from an acting professor of his who encouraged his class to try it out.

“I [auditioned and] gave it whatever I had,” Peltier said.  “I didn’t have any prior experience, but it was a lot of fun. I’m glad I’m here.”

Long-time member Patrick Moll, senior in computer science, has been acting for On The Spot Improv for two years and encourages students to participate in auditions.

“Just go for it,” Moll said. “I’m not a theater person myself, but if you just want to express yourself, have fun and be supported, this is the place to be.”

Braden Funk, senior in computer engineering, said he learned many skills through improv, many of which have helped him and several others on the team.

“Improv is just great in how it can apply to different parts of your life,” Funk said. “Especially for people who struggle with public speaking, improv is a really great tool to help you feel like you always have something to say and bring to the table.” 

With several diverse games and jests, On The Spot Improv is a comically amusing act that will never fail to end in boisterous laughter from the audience. 

On The Spot Improv shows every Monday from 8-9 p.m. in Forum Hall, located in the Student Union.