The 5 Best Indoor Pet Tips for Dogs


If you’re a pet parent, you know how important it is to have a safe pet-friendly home for your beloved companion. Not only do they enjoy the outdoors, but most of their time is spent inside making memories in our homes and our hearts. So, how do you ensure that your home is safe for them?

Here are 5 Indoor Pet Tips for a pet-friendly home…

Make your home puppy-proof.

Puppy proofing is essential in the beginning for learning and training your pet to understand the rules of the home. keep dangerous items out of reach like electrical cords, low hanging blinds or drapes, as well as any breakables lying around that easily accessible.

Just as important as puppy-proofing your home, you also want to make sure your dog has a safe place to play. Supplying a sectioned off area specifically for your pet to play will maintain their safety and your sanity. Placing bedding, toys, snuffle mat, etc. will give your pet comfort when playing indoors alone.

Create a sense of territory for them.

Dogs like to have a place they can call their own. Whether it is a crate or a spare room, creating a territory of their own will set up a safe zone for your pet and a sense of security for them.

Dogs also like to be able to see what is going on in their surroundings. Allowing your pet visual space to explore their environment creates trust within the home for your pet.

Learn how to deal with dog odor.

A common smelly dog odor we encounter with our pups are the dog anal glands. An anal gland smell can be fishy and hard to eliminate. Bathing weekly helps this issue along with proper vet care, medication, and dietary supplements. There are times, however, when the anal gland smell is not solely the result of poor hygiene. Stinky anal glands may be caused by being scared or excited about anything that causes emotional turmoil. It is essential to consult an expert or obtain information about the dog anal glands.

A lot of times we often miss our dogs’ cues to go to the bathroom and that can result in accidents our poor pups can’t help but make. Cleaning up any messes immediately will eliminate the lingering urine smell left behind. Urine is the hardest to remove from hardwood floors unless it is removed swiftly.

Take part in some mind-stimulating games.

Create a time when you can sit down with your pet and teach them the proper names for their toys and various games to get their attention.

You can also stimulate understanding by using treats to award learned behavior. A snuffle mat for example is a great learning tool to train your dog to find treats or small toys hidden inside the mat.

Some examples of popular stimulation games are tug-of-war, hide and seek, and indoor obstacle courses.

Make sure your schedule is regular.

Dogs tend to like a regular routine, so try to keep their schedule as regular as possible. A comfortable dog is a happy dog. As pet parents we want the best for them. Keeping them in a state of knowing helps them to learn your patterns. If they sense something is off they tend to get wary and stressed.


If you want a new pet but don’t want to compromise your home’s aesthetic. In order to create a better indoor environment for your pet and pet parents, you must consider all the possible care and tips listed above. You can have both your perfect layout and puppy time with a better arrangement.