Vehicle accidents increase in Manhattan

A Kansas State University Public Safety vehicle sits on campus. (Andrea Klepper | Collegian Media Group)

After two months back on campus, the number of vehicle accidents this school year is already 21, Andrew Moeller, coordinator of support services for the K-State Police Department, said.

“There’s been 21 accidents at K-State, and this includes a hit and run,” Moeller said. “If somebody came out to the parking lot and found that the car had been damaged by another vehicle, we would include those as well.”

Moeller said to be mindful of vehicles, especially cyclists and motorcyclists to avoid future accidents.

“Be aware of pedestrians in the area and cyclists and motorcyclists because they’re just not as visible as another full-size motor vehicle,” Moeller said. “Also be aware of high traffic areas and aware of everybody else around you. Everybody needs to look out for each other and keep each other safe.”

Aaron Wintermote, Riley County Police Department public information officer, said everyone should learn from past accidents at K-State.

“We had pedestrians that have been crossing designated crosswalks, and been hit in the past by drivers who weren’t paying attention which led to a lot of severe injuries,” Wintermote said. “It’s always good to be paying attention, making sure that you’re yielding and looking out for pedestrians who are crossing the road, would be the biggest advice that I would give.”

An accident occurred around 4:15 p.m. on September 18, according to the Riley County Police Department activity report. The report explains that emergency crews were notified to the intersection of Old Claflin Road and North Manhattan Avenue in front of Ford Hall with details of an injury and accident.

Wintermote said a 2007 Saturn Vue turning onto Old Claflin Road from North Manhattan hit a moped driver and caused the accident.  

Wintermote said he is unaware of the victim’s injuries. However, the victim was transported to Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka for treatment and is still undergoing observation for his severe injuries.

Lily Mailliard, freshman in accounting, said she wasn’t there to witness the moped accident, but hopes everyone can learn from it and avoid similar incidents.

“I heard about the horrible moped accident in front of Ford while talking to some people in class and heard that there was an ambulance and many witnesses,” Mailliard said. “I hope we can learn from this horrific experience and hope it will never happen again.

Wintermote said the area along North Manhattan is always dangerous. 

“We have seen a number of accidents and people that have gotten hit walking on that stretch from walking across the street to and from campus,” Wintermote said.  

Wintermote said he wants to remind drivers to always be aware of this area. 

“Don’t be on your cell phone or looking down while driving through the area just as the amount of traffic and pedestrians that are always going to that area,” Wintermote said. “Always pay attention and notice your surroundings. Because situations can change very rapidly.”