POV: Life in KC event exhibits student opportunities

(Photo courtesy of Kansas City Area Development Council)

Editor’s note: The date for KC Current’s opening in the original article and the print edition incorrectly stated 2023 because of a miscommunication in the writing of the date. This error has been fixed in this online version, and the Collegian apologizes for the error and any confusion surrounding it.

Jessica Palm, vice president of marketing for the Kansas City Area Development Council, said students in the region anticipate the Kansas City lifestyle event, POV: Life in KC, coming to Bosco Student Plaza on Wednesday, Oct. 12, from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

“We are a non-profit organization working to deliver business and talent to the Greater Kansas City area,” Palm said. “That includes our 18 county footprint, with 50 communities served, including the Missouri region.” 

The event will showcase the Kansas City lifestyle and will include firsthand reviews from K-State graduates who represent KC companies looking to promote working in the KC region, Palm said. These companies offer jobs and internships to college students, and students can engage with employers for up to six months after the event, Palm said. 

“We want you to think about our community when considering your future plans of employment, internships and residence,” Palm said.

Maria Izquierdo, senior in nutrition and health and president of the Hispanic American Leadership Organization, said that she plans to find an employer in KC because of their diverse community.

“I hope that I can get connected with an alumni that will introduce me to an employer that I am actually interested in,” Izquierdo said. 

Izquierdo said due to her involvement in HALO for four years, she has discovered that many companies in Kansas City have relations with social development, social justice and other associations suiting her preferences. Izquierdo said, overall, she is looking forward to the event.

Palm said the event includes a DJ, free food, yard games and the chance to walk away with concert tickets, Garmin watches, succulents and coffee. She said the event’s vibrant atmosphere  and hospitality shows off the environment students would experience in Kansas City.

“It is the epiphany of the visit — once they come here everybody loves it,” Palm said.

Companies in the Animal Health Corridor business area constitute 56 percent of global industry sales and their district currently ranks first in sports architecture, Palm said. Another development in Kansas City, KC Current, is the world’s first women-specific sports stadium which is aiming to open in 2024, Palm said.

“The developments in the area are placing Kansas City on a world stage, making the area a pool of opportunity for everyone,” Palm said. 

Madison Hewitt, recruiter at Burns and McDonnell, said she will be attending the event as a KC lifestyle representative. Hewitt said as a K-State alumna, she is very excited to visit K-State again and share her enthusiasm for the Kansas City lifestyle.

“After graduating K-State in 2019 with a hospitality management degree, I began work at Burns & McDonnell, and enjoy working with college students to help them find careers that work for them,” Hewitt said.

Palm said POV: Life in KC exposes students to the possibilities present in a prominent business district like Kansas City.

“One in three students that attend university in the area are not from Kansas or Missouri. They probably have not experienced our region in many ways,” Palm said. 

Palm said sponsors of this event, such as Burns & McDonnell and ARCO, will be the largest companies hiring interns and recent graduates. More information on event details, recruiting, sponsors and registration can be found on their website.