5 Gifts for the Male Fashion-Lovers in Your Life


Some say it can be challenging to shop for men because they don’t know what to buy them other than socks and boxers. While they may appreciate those cliches, more fashionable men might want something a little different.

That can present another challenge because they may already have everything they need in their wardrobe. However, we’ve compiled a list of items that’ll make it easier for you to shop for the fashionable man in your life. Take a look below.

1. Men’s Travel Pants

Fashionable men want to look good wherever they go, whether at the grocery store or on casual outings with friends. It’s great to have outfits that stand out, but what about comfort? If you think their wardrobe is missing something more chill, gift them men’s travel pants.

Sometimes life boundaries intertwine, and some clothing isn’t acceptable in certain places. These innovative pieces combine luxury with comfort, making it easier to mix the two. Furthermore, men’s travel pants come in various colors allowing your man to switch up easily and increase his casual fashion sense even more.

2. Hand-knit Sweater

Some men love cooler temperatures because they get to show off their sleek outfits. So why not enhance his wardrobe with a beautiful hand-knit sweater? These pieces are the ideal gift for a winter-loving fashion aficionado.

Most are made from 100% cotton and come with intricate designs. So the man in your life will be cozy while also looking good. And he can wear them with jeans or men’s travel pants to ensure he’s always comfortable no matter where he goes.

3. Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are often seen as a women’s accessory because that’s the societal norm. However, when walking around any city, you’re bound to see men with nice shoulder bags carrying their belonging. It’s a unique way to switch up your partner’s style.

Most male shoulder bags are worn diagonally across the torso, making items easily accessible. They’re also great because they aren’t large and overwhelming like backpacks. Instead, they’re small and sleek, making them ideal for travel anywhere. Grab your partner a shoulder bag, and he won’t take it off anytime soon.

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an excellent accessory because they protect your eyes from UV rays on those bright sunny days. Another beautiful thing about sunglasses is how they can easily increase a person’s outfit. The fashion lover in your life will surely appreciate this gift.

You can grab a pair of sunglasses anywhere, and they come in different styles. Rather than buying your partner any old pair, try to go with one that compliments their wardrobe. Maybe they would like aviator-style shades to give them a professional look. Or they might prefer flip-up sunglasses, which may give their outfit a more modern look. Research the different styles and choose the one you think would suit your partner.

5. Watches

Jewelry can be an interesting gift for men because you don’t think about them wearing it, although it’s common. The tricky part when buying jewelry for men is figuring out what they would like. If they don’t have their ears pierced, earrings are out of the question. They may not like wearing chains because of how they may be perceived. So what else is there?

Watches are something that every fashion lover should have in their collection. Besides telling the time, they also take outfits to new heights. You can buy a watch that he can wear with any ensemble, or you can select one that’s for special occasions. 

Gauge his interest in watches to see what type he would want. There are various watches such as:

  • Analog: Has the traditional clock face and is ideal for any budget
  • Digital: Tells time in numerical digits and can have features like GPS
  • Hybrid: Have various subdials and a tachymeter that helps measure speed over a specific distance
  • Chronograph: Combines analog and digital functions

Male Fashion Lovers Will Appreciate These Gifts

It can be challenging shopping for men sometimes, especially if you’re unsure about what they like. But when fashion is their forte, there are a plethora of options to choose from. You can gift men’s travel pants to give them comfortable options in their wardrobe. 

If you don’t want to go with the traditional clothing route, you can also buy them sunglasses, shoulder bags, or watches. Don’t let the daunting task of shopping for your partner turn you away. With the options listed above, you’ll surely find something that can take their fashion to a new level.