Review: Zombie Toxin

(Illustration by Zoe Schumacher | Collegian Media Group)

If in search of a spine-chilling good time, look no further than Zombie Toxin, a popular haunted house in Junction City. 

According to the Haunted House Association, Zombie Toxin is the “most terrifying and lavishly detailed Haunted House in Kansas.” They have everything needed for frightening fun, including monsters at every turn. 

This scare-house features over 9,000 square feet of terror and is filled with various themed rooms, according to the Haunted House Association. There are clowns, evil dolls and chainsaw-wielding zombies popping up unexpectedly proving an adrenaline rush that can’t be beaten. This haunted house can be unnerving, but it is a 10/10 on the scare-factor scale.

Another great feature of this attraction are four mini escape rooms each ranging from five to ten minutes. Themes include The Head Shed, Jack the Ripper, The Possession and Five Tiny Guillotines. Each one is reasonably difficult, and each room has specific tasks that need to be completed to open the door in time before the murderer gets in.

According to a staff member, The Head Shed is the hardest escape room they have. Most don’t make it past the first clue, and few have been able to solve it. For the more casual escapist, Zombie Toxin’s newest room, The Possession, is the perfect fit. Debuted in 2021, finishing this room takes no time at all for the seasoned horror enthusiast. Movies about possession are a fan-favorite among horror-genre fanatics, so finding all the clues can be pretty simple. 

As great as Zombie Toxin is, there are some drawbacks this year. Pricing for the escape rooms used to be charged per person, with the Head Shed costing $5 and every other room charging $10. This year “group pricing” was introduced, allowing up to four people to enter one escape room for $30. If a group doesn’t have four people, the escape rooms are not cost-effective. Many people at the event weren’t happy about the price increase — it deterred quite a few people from participating in the escape rooms. 

Zombie Toxin rarely disappoints in the fear department. The performance is changed and themes are added every year. Visiting one of the scariest haunted houses in the state is a great way to spice up the spooky season. 

Admission and pricing:

  • Regular pass tickets are $20 on Fridays and $25 on Saturdays — can be purchased in-person or online
  • Speed pass tickets are $30 on Fridays and $35 on Saturdays — can be purchased in-person or online
  • Wait times for regular pass tickets can be long, sometimes two or more hours