Plans in action for Hawaiian Bros location in Manhattan


A Hawaiian Bros Island Grill Manhattan location is a possibility for the city’s future, but a start date for construction is unknown, Alan Almes, Manhattan Fire Department deputy fire chief, said.

Almes said he received a building permit application for the abandoned building at 325 E. Poyntz Ave in July 2022. 

“It was a commercial remodel of what was a Panera Bread into a Hawaiian Bros quick-serve restaurant,” Almes said. 

Almes said the Fire Department reviewed those plans and Hawaiian Bros responded. 

“They sent us the revisions back, looks like there was a 90 square foot addition to the building,” Almes said.

Almes said they cannot issue a building permit until they receive the names of the contractors and subcontractors from Hawaiian Bros. 

“The way that works is they tell us who those people are and then we prepare the permit, they pay for it and pick it up,” Almes said.

Almes said after these steps are complete the process can move forward. 

“Once they pick up the building permit it would allow them to begin construction on the building and the remodel,” Almes said.