The 5 Best Online Dog Training Courses By Pet Professionals


Training is essential when having a dog because it produces confidence, provides mental stimulation, and boosts the human-animal bond. It is always possible to begin training your pet at any stage.

Basic training can aid dogs with anxiety or shy attitudes. It gives us a sense of fulfillment while also allowing us to speak with our four-legged friends. Positive reinforcement deepens our connection with our pets by allowing them to spend more quality time with us, which most dogs desire.

In this article, you’ll learn about the five best online dog training courses that will educate your pet and connect you with them more easily. First, let’s see why it’s essential to know why you need a puppy training course.

Reasons To Consider an Online Dog Training Course

What are the advantages of using an online training course over traditional in-person potty training? There are several benefits:

  1. Prices are typically lower than those of an in-person dog trainer – private dog trainers can range from $30 – $100 per hour. Online dog training is significantly less expensive (sometimes free).
  2. Not bound by the schedules of the online dog trainer – You may train your dog on your own time with online dog training.
  3. You can train almost anywhere – In most circumstances, you require a phone or laptop to stream courses and internet access.
  4. Learn in a healthy setting– Potty training at home helps your dog to develop in his everyday surroundings rather than in an unfamiliar situation. This is especially useful for territorial dogs.
  5. You will develop a stronger bond with your dog – You are reinforcing your status as the alpha in the home through behavioral training at home.
  6. Flexibility – You can begin with an online puppy training program. Then you can utilize a virtual private training session to talk to an expert and fine-tune the skills that need additional attention.


For your convenience, we tested the best online training and have all the inside scoop on each:


#1 K9 Training Institute  (Best Overall) – Free Online Workshop

#2 Train Pet Dog (Offers Free Workshop) – Sign Up Today!

#3 Dog Training Depot

#4 Good Dog Everyday

#5 Dr. Dunbar Dog Academy 


Best Online Dog Training Courses That Get Results


#1 K9 Training Institute (Best Overall)Free Online Workshop

Dr. Alexa Diaz, who has a Ph.D. in dogs and animal behavior, developed the K9 Training Institute. She has worked for two globally known institutes in the service puppy training field for over 20 years, allowing her to be one of the most regarded service dog trainers today.

Her work does not end with formal dog training; she has also trained with emotional support pups and the coaching of rescue dogs. Overall, her role at this puppy training center is to make other pets as cooperative as possible by implementing the best dog training course.

This program is designed for dog owners who find it challenging to keep up with their dog’s bad behavior, which includes barking accidents, leash tugging, chasing animals, chewing, biting, chasing cars, and other issues.

Dr. Diaz’s teaching style for this dog training course is based on dog behavior psychology and animal studies. Furthermore, she emphasizes educating via body language instead of spoken language, which is fantastic. This program seeks to enhance your dog’s behavior, whether you own a German Shepherd pup or another dog from a rescue center.

If you want your pets to behave like service dogs, this could be the program for you. You might have to look elsewhere if you’re seeking more entire dog training programs.

Advantages of Using This Program

According to Dr. Diaz, the “body language” teaching method is the K9 Teaching Institute’s main selling point. She emphasizes that to train a dog effectively, you must underline hand gestures rather than voice orders because that is how dogs usually communicate.

Dr. Diaz, however, is one of many specialists in this institution. As she demonstrates in the free video, this institute has a team of professionals who can assist any dog owner educate their pup without depending on verbal directions.

What distinguishes this institute from others is that it provides a free workshop in which you may discover the basis of Dr. Diaz’s training style and how she trains canines.

Nonetheless, the free class provides various techniques that typical dog owners can utilize to improve earlier training sessions and reduce symptoms of bad behavior, including:

  • Rushing out the door
  • Pursuing automobiles
  • Ignoring you when you call
  • Pounces on other people or animals
  • Tugging on the leash all the time
  • Biting and begging
  • Excessive excitement
  • Ignoring orders

The Total Transformation Masterclass is designed for dog trainers who want to maximize the benefits of their sessions. This program’s primary purpose is to assist you in developing a healthy and interactive connection with your behaved dogs.

This masterclass is structured into ten fundamental classes, with one weekly lecture and three additional lessons. You will receive 13 lessons to begin working on your pup’s impulsive behavior.

The masterclass currently costs $497, which some people believe is excessive for seeking help to obtain a well-behaved dog.

Although there are other cost-effective alternatives available, not all of them are as effective as the method provided by the K9 Training Institute. Several individuals who have finished the entire session have said that the pricing is reasonable for everything you get.

You can begin with their free workshop even if you have yet to be impressed. After signing up, you will receive an outline of what to experience from the course.

Here are some reviews around the web to see how K9TI stacks up to the competition:

K9TI (K9 Training Institute) Reviews Review


#2 Train Pet Dog (Offers Free Workshop) – Sign Up Today!

TrainPetDog is an online dog training business that claims to provide online classes and an e-book to all of its subscribers. Their training techniques and courses are designed to assist dog owners in dealing with common concerns such as frequent barking, chewing, and other behaviors.

To try the course out, all users need to do is register on its site.  After you pay, you should have access to all of its services. Of course, because it’s a paid service, it requires credit card information and other private details, much like most similar online dog training programs.

Numerous online dog training courses are available. Their training course includes information tailored to your dog’s breed. However, they only teach general puppy training knowledge and do not address your breed’s individual needs.

Their training system covers the unique training needs of each dog breed. Even if that material applies to your pet, they feel your training technique should be tailored to your species. Hounds, for example, have different training requirements than Retrievers or Terriers.

You will have access to its excellent fortnightly newsletter, which contains expert dog training advice and tactics, as well as studies of real-life situations. Other puppy owners have had similar issues and discovered solutions in this program, which includes updated audio, videos, and live calls with professional trainers and veterinarians.

Imagine being able to ask any question you want – call in from the convenience of your own home by phone – and having it done for FREE as part of your dog training membership.

The course is a comprehensive reference to all aspects of dog care. It covers everything from housebreaking to training difficult dogs, teaching them to respect your directions, preventing them from nipping or biting, grooming them, taking care of their diet, and so on.

It teaches YOU how to quickly and efficiently care for and train your dog with the assistance of an online dog trainer.

Advantages of Using This Program

Outdoor training, crate training, paper training, toilet pad training, litter box training, diaper training, and other typical ways of housetraining dogs are covered in detail.  Its one-of-a-kind method will assist you in training your pup to always (even without fail) tell you when it needs to go outside.

Each expert can tell you how to stop your dog from nipping and play-biting, as well as the two typical yet critical mistakes many pet owners make when interacting with their pups that urge their dogs to bite.

You will learn the four fundamental tactics you must employ to keep your pup from barking at some other animals, people, or vehicles so you may continue enjoying your walks. Participants also learn the precise procedure for stopping every dog from howling at night, allowing everyone in your household to begin sleeping peacefully.

It also teaches you how to regain the freedom to bring friends, family, and guests into your house without fear of them being scared or irritated by your barking pet. Expect to understand how to socialize your puppy with the other cats and dogs in your home, so it doesn’t snarl and lash at them.

This training will teach you how to make your dog friendlier to visitors and youngsters or grandchildren, enabling them to pet your dog rather than barking and shying away.

The entire course costs $67 and comes with a 120-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with it.


#3 Dog Training Depot – Visit Official Site

Judith Lowery, an experienced hobby breeder, created The Dog Training Depot! It has been thoroughly vetted and intended to provide you with all the resources you will require to teach and care for your dog for the rest of its life!

The Canine Coach is the website’s pulsating heart. This ground-breaking dog training school is in partnership with top licensed dog training professionals with years of expertise in the field!

Furthermore, because Training and Feeding go hand in hand, you may augment your dog training performance with special diet and training solutions from the website’s Nutrition area.

The Dog Training Blog, published by properly trained dog training specialists, is another exciting component. Furthermore, they have a popular Free dog Training Videos email subscription, which delivers three amazing training videos to your mailbox!

This course can help you resolve the following dog issues:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Peeing and pooping in the house
  • Howling and barking at everything
  • Pulling on leashes
  • Digging in the yard
  • Refusal to obey commands and puppy aggression
  • Urine marking
  • Barking at doorbells
  • Begging for food
  • Destructive and excessive chewing
  • Socialization issues

The Canine Coach is a particular and simple-to-follow combination of dog training videos and exercise sheets. These weekly lectures and activity sheets can lead you through what your dog can and should be able to perform at a certain age.

These videos are incredibly informative and straightforward to follow. Judy demonstrates these training tactics with one of her pups that might be around the exact age of some of your puppies.

Seeing her dog obey these commands, including sit, stay, and come, at such a young age can make you want to guide your little pet even more. We believe your dog will be receptive and ready to learn much more.

The Wag Webinar that Judy plans for all members to call in to attend different topics covered by an expert online dog trainer with several years of knowledge and experience cannot be overstated.

Topics from puppyhood, expectations, food aggression, how to control or cure it, and separation anxiety are all discussed. You’ll know what to do at the end of every session and have your questions addressed.

Each class is a different topic chosen by the trainer and Judy to deliver the most instructive 60 minutes possible. The knowledge you can gain and utilize or connect to from having previous dog companions in the household is so extensive that you might find it a valuable resource in making your new pup a happy and healthy dog.

Advantages of Using This Platform

Quality: With their motto, “Your advancement is our success,” they stand for quality. Visit their lovely website at to view the benefits you will receive as a Canine Coach user. They have everything from webinars to sweepstakes. With them, you can also find exceptional service for your dog and yourself!

Expertise: Dog Training Depot is your one-stop shop for all dog training needs! The crew is made up of experienced, qualified dog trainers with many years of experience.

Jumpstart the training: They are the perfect solution to the age-old “16 weeks loss” issue! Puppies can get a jump start on their dog training routine. The Canine Coach can be applied to an energetic 8-week-old dog who hasn’t reached its 16-week vaccine yet!!

Not only should you teach your puppy at home securely at this time, but you should also take advantage of the fact that it is learning four times quicker than its older peers!

Results: The Canine Coach is a collection of time-tested, established training methods created for developing dogs of ALL breeds and ages! This program can properly train any canine companion!

The course costs $97 and comes with a 14-day free trial, so you can see what the program offers for you and your dog.


#4 Good Dog Everyday – Visit Official Site

Success Dogs provides online training programs that show you how to educate your dog using Positive Reinforcement and pressure-free approaches.

Register your dog for one of their online dog training and benefit from over 20+ years of expertise in training dogs:

  • It is suitable for dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments. Their dog training methods are scientific and practical with all puppies.
  • Dog owners from all kinds of backgrounds are welcome. If you only have a few minutes each day to teach your dog, these instructional sessions are created to be brief.
  • People who wish to train their pets without corrections and physical punishments. To explain what we would like the dog to accomplish, we employ positive reinforcement.

Do you want to teach your dog in a fun and successful way? Currently, the organization provides three online courses. All dog training courses are taught through video lessons.

The Good Dog Everyday Program

Learn the foundations of positive reinforcement dog training. This online dog training program is suggested for new pups, owners, and anyone who wants to improve their dog prize-based training skills. With 25 video lessons, it is a fantastic online Dog Training Course.

You’ll discover how to train your dog to react to verbal and visual cues and the essential basic obedience behaviors such as sit, stand, down, get in, give, and play, among others! Get the self-assurance you need to teach your puppy various tricks and behaviors.

The Walk-In Harmony Game Plan

This course will show you how to educate your dog to walk by you without tugging or pulling on the leash. Walk-In Harmony Game Plan is their second online dog training course, with 32 video lessons.

The emphasis of this program, and what sets it apart from others, is on developing your dog’s five fundamental walking skills.

  • Awareness
  • Attention
  • Loose Leash Manners
  • Basic Obedience
  • Self Control (dodging distractions)

This training is ideal if you want to prevent your dog from tugging on the leash but do not wish to use physical punishment, such as a choke collar or a prong.

The Superhero Game Plan

Have you ever been curious about how film or service pets are trained? What about those fantastic dogs you can see on YouTube performing beautiful tricks? This is their third online dog training course with 37 video lessons.

The course will educate you exactly how expert dog trainers can educate these complex and challenging behaviors, such as:

  • Putting their toys away
  • Retrieving a beverage from the fridge
  • Getting tissues after you sneeze
  • Helping with the laundry
  • Riding a skateboard

The sky is the limit regarding how you can educate your dog.

This course is ideal for amateurs just beginning their training journey and experienced trainers who want to fine-tune their approach.

Their three online classes are only $47 each and are guaranteed to be effective with your dog. If you are dissatisfied, notify them within 30 days of registration, and they will provide you with a complete (and polite) return. No questions asked.


#5 Dr. Dunbar Dog Academy – Visit Official Site

Dr. Ian Dunbar, an animal behaviorist, and a veterinarian, is among the most well-known professional dog trainers today. In addition, he holds a veterinarian degree and a Special Honors certificate in Biochemistry and Physiology from the Royal Veterinarian College (London University).

He is the author of several dog training books and DVDs, and he devised and taught the world’s first off-leash dog socializing and training sessions in 1982, now known as Sirius Dog Training.

Dr. Ian Dunbar’s work as a globally-renowned online dog trainer is housed in the Top Dog Academy, a unique online membership course. It was designed to provide dog owners and trainers with a complete instructional manual that teaches them how to prepare a dog in the most efficient manner possible.

Owners must form strong bonds with their dogs so that they can not only offer comfort but also defend each other against any harm.

The Top Dog Academy is for everyone who owns a dog, is thinking about having a dog, or works with dogs. This program is for you if you are having trouble with your dog’s behavior or want to take his education to a higher level. You do not need any prior expertise with dog training.

Dr. Ian Dunbar’s dog training techniques, which include over 28 premium programs and hundreds of sessions, are based on essential scientific methods that have survived the test of time.

The Top Dog Academy is a monthly subscription program that gives you entrance to every dog training program available. These online dog training courses contain many dog training materials on many subjects. If you bought all the materials individually, it would cost over $1,500.00!

When you visit their website, you’ll find 39 online courses to pick from, eight of which are free. Simultaneously, the other dog training courses are paid, or there is a subscription-based system, so it’s up to you whatever you want; a subscription costs $20 per month and $150 per year, with the Annual Subscription saving you a whopping $90.

Dr. Ian Dunbar focuses on positive reinforcement training approaches based on learning theory research and animal behavior to train your dog to be nice to people, other puppies, animals, and any event they may experience.

No tension or pressure is used throughout the training phase because everything is done for fun and games to ensure that your dog has no negative experiences. Both humans and dogs can benefit from fear-free training methods for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Ian Dunbar discusses a variety of subjects in the video collection, from dog training to behavior issues and all in between. He also demonstrates how to walk your pup on a leash safely, play catch with him, educate your dog to respond to basic instructions such as down, sit, and come when called, and show your dog several simple tricks.

Advantages of Using this Program

  • Unbeatable price
  • High-quality content
  • An excellent combination of informative videos, text lectures, PDF materials, video tutorials, demo clips, and interviews
  • An exclusive membership to a page on Facebook where you may ask your concerns and receive responses from other members and professional dog trainers.
  • Email support to assist you in locating the content you require or developing a personalized training plan for your dog
  • Regular Live Webinars and Q+A Sessions allow you to ask the Dunbars real-time dog behavior and training questions.


Finding a fantastic online dog training course may feel like looking for a needle in a haystack at times, but as more courses move online, we’re seeing some great possibilities emerge.

We can confidently state that you have nothing to lose by enrolling in online dog training courses that offer a money-back guarantee. Better yet, we highly recommend trying the FREE TRAINING WORKSHOP delivered by K9TI. You have nothing to lose, and we are sure you will love it!

You will be more open to committing and ensuring that the experts trust the quality of their services and products.

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