Halo 2+ Collar Review | Everything You Should Know


We love our dogs so much that it is difficult to leave them alone for a long time outside the physical fences that are built for them. It causes too much worry, especially if you have no method to search for or find them quickly.

Additionally, it’s not always easy to keep an eye on your dog. Even if they do not have a wandering tendency, an impulse could cause them to run away and put themselves in danger.

If you’re unsure whether to get a wireless dog fence or a GPS collar, this Halo dog collar review will undoubtedly help in your decision-making process.

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What Is the Halo Collar GPS System?

The Halo collar is a smart collar with an invisible and customizable virtual fence that keeps your dog secure inside the boundaries that you have set, preventing it from escaping. This shock collar includes several interesting features, including:

  • GPS location services
  • Monitor with tracking capabilities
  • Smart invisible fence technology

However, the company’s original Halo collar proved controversial with its occasional incorrect tracking and lack of features compared to the competitors. The Halo 2 collar, which had the same features as the original but a new aesthetic, was released quietly.

Now, the company has launched the Halo 2+ dog collar after working out the defects in the previous versions. You can see the latest pricing by visiting the official site.

How Does the Halo Collar Work?

Most dog owners have the same nightmare that their pet gets lost or injured, and they can’t do anything about it. Building a dog-safe fence in your backyard or even installing an underground wired dog fence can be challenging. Thankfully, an invisible fence is an ideal solution.

Dogs receive a stimulation alerting them to stop when they go outside of a preset boundary. They learn to remain in their safe area with practice and time.

One of the best ways to keep your dog safe and secure is with the new generation of smart dog collars. They serve as a GPS monitoring device, activity tracker, and invisible fence all in one, making it essentially a 3-in-1 gadget.

The Halo collar’s cutting-edge technology enables you to set up fences anywhere – at home, in the backyard, at the park, at the seashore – the world is your dog’s oyster!

You can easily find your dog’s location with the Halo app, as it links the Halo dog collar to your phone. This is one of the many ways in which the Halo dog collar helps. It keeps tabs on their movements and even how frequently they sleep, walk, and run, as well as the number of times the collar issued a step-back warning. You can even monitor your dog while you’re away using the Halo app. All these features ensure your dog’s safety.

Additionally, a 21-day Halo training course is available that includes step-by-step instructions, an exclusive video, and instructions for everything you need to know about the new Halo collar.

The manual first shows you how to set up fences and introduce the Halo collar to your dog’s neck. It then shows you how to customize the feedback and train your dog to avoid the indoor Halo beacons while inside.

Finally, it takes the training outside and into the real world, where the Halo invisible fence prevents your dog from running away.

The New and Improved Halo 2+

When the original halo collar was launched into the market, dog owners were attracted by its wonderful training and ability to keep dogs safe. However, the gadget simply wasn’t ready yet. The initial Halo collar reviews were conflicting and suggested several performance problems.

Finally, the Halo team addressed the feedback they received from their customers and improved the next version of their Halo dog collar.

Their most recent Halo 2+ was released in the middle of 2022 after the new device debuted in late 2021. In comparison, the second-generation Halo collars were praised much more and were thought to be cutting-edge.

The Halo collar review was mostly positive when compared to other Halo collar alternatives. Here are some of the top reviews of the original halo collar from around the web: 

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Original Halo Dog Collar Vs. Halo Collar 2+

The Halo company has created excellent upgrades for the new and improved Halo 2 collar to address the dog owner’s complaints about the initial Halo collar. Some of the new features in the Halo 2 collar include:

Improved GPS Tracking

After complaints that the initial halo collar GPS device lost connectivity too often, satellite communication was increased by 50%, providing greater coverage. Additionally, the collar will continue to keep your dog safe even if you lose connectivity to the Halo app.

It also has better Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular performance.

Enhanced Battery Performance

The Halo collar now has a longer battery life of up to 21 hours. However, the actual battery life will depend on how your use the Halo smart collar.

Better Location Accuracy

If the sky is clear, your dog can establish its location to within 3 feet and stay in contact with satellites every 15 seconds.

‘Keep Away’ Zones

Even though pets have a safe outside play space, there could be some places you’d prefer they stay out of, like a lake. Dogs are warned not to enter the ‘keep away’ zones through the halo wireless fence.

In general, Halo 2 is far more innovative and enhanced than the first Halo collar. The only drawback is that you need a Halo subscription plan to allow data storage for fencing, activity monitoring, GPS location services, and access to the premium Halo training process.

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Pros and Cons of Halo Collars


  • The new model connects to more GPS satellites and provides higher location accuracy.
  • It includes a built-in nighttime Halo LED for portable visual tracking.
  • You’ll receive up to 10 square miles of coverage and an IP-67 waterproof rating.
  • It has an activity tracker with an average battery life of 12 hours.


  • It’s costly, especially for higher-tier plans.
  • The collar does not fit very small dogs.
  • Cellular service is required for several features of the Halo 2 collar.

Halo Collar Alternatives

When looking at the Halo dog collar review, you need to analyze all your alternatives to decide if you should use this particular collar. According to my expert advice, there are two worthy alternatives to the Halo brand collar: SpotOn Virtual Fence and Fi Collar.

Even though SpotOn is a bit more costly than Halo collar, it provides better features with overlapping fences, better GPS tracking, and multiple feedback features.

SpotOn’s battery life is also comparable to 24 hours of lithium-ion battery life performance. The only drawback is the initial high cost of buying the SpotOn virtual fence.

Alternatively, the Fi Collar is a less expensive option. However, it is a simple tracking collar without the Halo fence feature. It includes all the basic features required to find your dog’s location and keep it safe.

Additionally, it has a light that makes it easier to see at night, and it fits different dog sizes. The Fi collar’s primary selling point is that its battery lasts three months.

Comprehensive Features of Halo Collar 2+

The Halo 2+ collar combines a state-of-the-art virtual fence, GPS tracking device, and activity tracker into one device with all the features you could want.

Smart Fences

With the help of the Halo app, you can create safe zones that you want your dog to stay in by simply walking along the boundaries. The app will take care of the rest. Your dog will stay in a safe area by a wireless fence made of these invisible boundaries. You can give it any shape you like.

Customers have expressed special appreciation for the dog fence area’s size that the Halo dog collar offers. The Halo collar can cover a maximum area of 1,200 square miles with 20 virtual fence posts placed at a maximum distance of 6.2 miles apart.

Remember that the Halo wireless fence works best in larger spaces, so you’ll need at least a half-acre for your dog to run around in.


The Halo 2 dog collar is perfect for your dog if you like taking your furry friend for walks regularly. It keeps your pup safe wherever you go.

You can instantly create an invisible boundary for your pet when you reach the playground so that it won’t go out of your set boundaries.

Double Prevention Feedback Levels

Although the Halo dog collar uses shocks, it first provides your dog with a friendly warning because it doesn’t want to be harsh. Your dog receives warning feedback whenever it wanders too close to the edge. This feedback can take the form of a sound, vibration, or mild static shock.

If your dog keeps going, it will cross the perimeter and produce emergency feedback, which could again be vibration, a sound, or static shock. The additional level of preventive feedback keeps your dog safer and farther from the boundary.

Finally, the Halo collar helps in keeping your pet confined inside the defined territory. Many smart collars don’t actually correct the dog when they cross their boundaries; they just alert you when they do.

Encouraging and Customizable Feedback

Accidents can happen; therefore, it’s possible that your dog will stray outside the restricted space or wander far in a dog park. However, you don’t want your dog to be worried about returning to its safe space.

Because of this, the Halo collar prioritizes encouraging feedback more than negative reinforcement. If your dog escapes, you can select between a return whistle or feedback that reads “Come back home” or “Good dog.”

It is essential that the Halo collar provide customizable feedback for every dog. You can choose from 15 levels of static correction and change the sound and vibration modes to ensure it works for your dog.

GPS and Activity Tracker

In addition to using GNSS technology, the Halo collar GPS technology also tracks your dog’s location at all times, whether inside or outside its boundaries.

The Halo collar is similar to an Apple Watch or a Fitbit. It tracks activities and notifies you of your pet’s eating and exercise habits. You can easily monitor their activity by checking the Halo collar app. 

It gives you a better understanding of how your dog spends their time and provides you with important health-related information. Using the smart system features, you can encourage your dog to lead a balanced, active lifestyle that is necessary for good health.

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In the meantime, you can also pin your dog tags on the collar. It reinforces the uniqueness and safety of your dog. The dog tag is also customizable, the Custom Metal Pins can be used as a dog tag to hang on the collar and neck. The pattern and signature can be designed by yourself, unique and recognizable. Even if your dog does get lost it is easy to find, and it also enhances your dog’s personality and fashion.


It’s horrifying to think that you’ve effectively strapped $1,000 around your pet’s neck, only to find it destroying the collar.

Fortunately, the Halo collar is strong and built of a material that is resistant to chewing. Also, if your dog enjoys splashing around, you can rest assured that the Halo collar is completely waterproof.

21-Day Training Program


The Halo Company collaborated with renowned canine expert trainer Cesar Millan to incorporate his knowledge of dog behavioral psychology training methods into the collar. It includes boundary training for 21 days by simply adhering to the four extremely well-described steps that it provides.

This 21-day training program is one of the best and safest training techniques. I have proof because I taught all of my dogs exceptionally effectively, including my most difficult dog, Tony the Bulldog!

Days 1 and 2 of the training, which are steps 1 and 2 of this course, deal with setting up and introducing the gadget to your pets. All you need to do for the first and second training days is get yourself and your dog comfortable with the Halo wireless device.

It includes step-by-step training to guide you through the process, making it really simple to use. I personally tested the collar to understand how Cesar Millan’s method functions and whether it will be effective for training my dog.

Since the Halo app tracks your dog’s development during training, you can easily keep up with it. Then there are exclusive Cesar videos, which are incredibly beneficial, as they demonstrate his unique method for properly training the dogs.

Days 3 through 10 are designated for indoor training in the third stage, while days 11 through 21 are designated for outdoor training in the fourth step. The outdoor training includes various things like helping your dog identify the various commands and informing them when to stop or start.

It also focuses on the prevention feedback technique while helping the pet dog understand the concept of a smart fence.

I enjoyed the automatic function of the feedback feature, especially the come-home feedback, which the system sends out to the small dogs when needed.

The Verdict: Is It Worth Buying the Halo 2+ Collar?

According to my personal experience, I would totally recommend this collar to a fellow dog owner. Considering all the unique features and cutting-edge technology integrated into this collar, it is worthwhile to invest in this gadget.

Additionally, it has the support of one of the top dog experts in the world, and one of the key elements of the Halo 2+ collar for all dog owners is the integration of Cesar’s training program.

As a dog parent, you can determine what is best for your dog. Here, I have provided a link to the official Halo site to help you make an informed decision. I hope it helps you!