SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence – Is It Worth It?


The SpotOn virtual fence is probably the best GPS smart collar on the market this 2022. It is also a fantastic way to prevent your dogs from getting hurt when you allow them to run free.

This SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is genuinely impressive, as it has been a fantastic device used by many pet owners worldwide.

Nonetheless, although it’s a unique dog smart device, it is way pricier than other similar products.

Using the SpotOn virtual fence is our best bet to help keep your dogs as safe as possible while allowing them to run around your yard. Keep reading to find out why.


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What Is the SpotOn GPS Fence?

Many dog owners have real fencing around their homes to ensure their safety. However, sometimes they forget to lock the gate, allowing their playful pups to escape and maybe lose their way back home.

The SpotOn GPS Fence might be helpful in this situation. You might be wondering how this is possible.

This is because the technology used in the SpotOn virtual fence is entirely virtual, so it has no blind zones and can be tracked virtually anywhere. 

Moreover, one fantastic thing about the SpotOn GPS Fence is that dog owners won’t need to use complicated software or programs.

They can also forget about annoying cables and other physical obstacles. This makes it one of the market’s most sought-after portable dog fences

Who Should Use the SpotOn Dog Collar?

The SpotOn fence is unquestionably for everyone with a dog that enjoys being outside.

Although you might not understand the importance of the SpotOn virtual fence, it could help stop terrible incidents from happening.

SpotOn Virtual Fence Pros And Cons

Pros of the SpotOn Virtual Fence

  • You can locate your dogs wherever they may be with the help of the SpotOn virtual fence GPS. This device automatically links your dog with a satellite system connected to 30 satellites and a strong GPS antenna placed on your dog’s neck.
  • Simple to install
  • Adjustable fences that you can modify by walking the line or sketching it on your mobile device
  • Easy to understand
  • Comfortable for dogs
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Superior capacity to track and monitor your pup’s location
  • You won’t need extra wiring
  • Crafted and enhanced for all types of dogs
  • Adaptable barriers that use GPS even when there is no cellular service
  • The capability of building several fences on a single land
  • Year-long warranty

Cons of the SpotOn Virtual Fence

  • The SpotOn virtual fence is more expensive than other smart collars, such as the Halo Collar.

While the pros outweigh the cons, we want you to be highly confident in your purchase. We have gathered a few other reviews from around the web so you can see what all the hype is about:

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Main Characteristics of the SpotOn Virtual Fence

SpotOn Virtual Fence

The SpotOn virtual Fence is highly adjustable and allows any dog owner to assemble up to 1,500 fence placements and virtual walls of any form and size, from a half-acre to hundreds of acres.

You can create a SpotOn virtual fence by either walking around the area where your GPS fence will be or sketching it on the app.

All you have to do is walk around your front and/or back yards for your dog to remain close to you.

Still, the SpotOn Collar must always be activated and functioning correctly. To avoid water or dense bushes, you may pause building your fence, and when you resume, SpotOn will draw a line to eliminate the obstruction. 

The SpotOn virtual fence will beep whenever your sneaky dog approaches the virtual border you designated, which may help deter him from straying beyond it. 

In addition, the SpotOn virtual fence will give your pup a mild static shock or vibration if the rapid beep fails to prevent your dog from crossing the GPS fences, which should ideally dissuade your dog from escaping.

Do not be concerned; this shock is optional and won’t go off automatically when the SpotOn virtual fence beep is ineffective for your dog.

Straightforward SpotOn Virtual Fence Dog Training

As previously mentioned, the SpotOn Collar will be much more effective if you educate your pets to respond to its sounds. Therefore, you may use rewards to train your dogs to return home when the beep goes off and to stay as far away as possible from the SpotOn virtual fence. This way, you can avoid having to shock them with static electricity.

SpotOn Virtual Fence GPS Tracking no Matter Where You Are

You may still believe the SpotOn Virtual Fence is only meant for ordinary settings, such as at your house, in a yard, or when walking along the street. However, the SpotOn virtual fence is also a good option if you’re adventurous and enjoy visiting the wilderness.

This is due to a feature of SpotOn virtual fence that uses a four-satellite system to locate your dog with high precision whenever and wherever you need it. All you have to do to ensure the features of the SpotOn virtual fence work correctly is to remain somewhere with cellular coverage.

The SpotOn Virtual Fence Is Suitable for All Terrains

This feature allows you to use the SpotOn virtual fence no matter where you are, even in unconventional situations, such as in the water or rocky mountains.

SpotOn Virtual Fence Tracking

You can turn on the SpotOn Collar’s tracking feature, allowing you to follow your pet within 10 feet of your location.

This is the best dog equipment for you if you need to always know where your dog is. If the GPS fence feature is not attached, just make sure your dog wears the SpotOn virtual fence. This SpotOn virtual fence will eliminate all your worries, even when you can’t see where your dog is.

Virtual Fence Long-lasting Battery

The SpotOn Collar is the finest option if your pup enjoys spending time outside. Therefore, you can stop worrying and let your dog go around however it pleases without the battery dying. Just remember to charge the SpotOn virtual fence when you get home.

One single fully charged battery can last for up to 18 hours. A longer battery life means better GPS signals that will keep your dog safe for a much longer time, thanks to its four satellite navigation systems. You can even get a one-year warranty for its high cost.

Should You Buy the SpotOn Virtual Fence?


This SpotOn virtual fence may be expensive, but it is entirely worthwhile, as it is a solid piece of pet equipment that can help you keep track of your puppy’s whereabouts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at your house or anywhere else; the SpotOn virtual fence is sure to soothe any concerns you may have.

Financing Options for the Virtual Fence

You won’t need to pay the entire cost upfront because this company provides excellent financing alternatives.

In addition, the SpotOn virtual fence features great characteristics, including the following:

  • Proprietary True LocationTM Technology for the SpotOn System
  • A four-point satellite system that is extremely accurate at finding your dogs anywhere in the world, even if they leave the virtual fences

These features provide incredible benefits that may outweigh the high price of the dog wear.


The customizable SpotOn virtual fence is another feature most owners adore about this dog collar. It enables them to create a border of any shape and size.

Moreover, the SpotOn Virtual Fence has no limit on the number of virtual fences you can create, so you can create multiple fences around your home and in other locations.


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SpotOn Alternatives

We love the Spot On dog collar, but other highly recommended GPS collars are on the market. We have thoroughly tested and reviewed all of Spot On’s competitors, and the only two other Smart Collars we would recommend would be the Halo Dog Collar and the Wagz Freedom collar


Final Verdict

The SpotOn Virtual Fence has outstanding features that make it an ideal product with all the traits you would need and want for a gadget that acts as a virtual fence to soothe all your worries.

The only thing most people dislike about it is the hefty price tag of the SpotOn Virtual Fence. You can get your SpotOn collar and check out the latest specials by visiting their Official Site.

Frequently Asked Questions about the SpotOn Virtual Fence

How Do I Know What Size of the SpotOn Collar to Order for My Dog?

The SpotOn virtual fence is available in three sizes to accommodate most dogs weighing 15 pounds or more. It features neck measurements ranging from 10 to 26 inches.

However, before purchasing the SpotOn Virtual Fence, it’s crucial to measure your dog’s neck size. You can do that by following these simple steps.

  • Just above the position of your dog’s collar, measure its neck. Please make sure the measuring tape has a space for one or two fingers to pass through before doing it.
  • When the SpotOn collar fits snugly, and the antenna rests on your dog’s neck, you know you purchased the correct size. 
  • The more sky the antenna views and satellites it can connect to, the better your GPS systems will be, making your limit lines more accurate.

We advise delaying the purchase of the SpotOn virtual fence until your pup is around six months old.

Do I Need Cell Service to use the SpotOn Virtual Fence?

Without cellphone service, the SpotOn virtual fence can safely take care of your dog.

Nonetheless, it would help if you got an optional cellular subscription for your SpotOn dog collar to communicate with your smartphone.

This is especially useful if you wish to enjoy the following SpotOn virtual fence benefits.

  • If your SpotOn virtual fence is large, you may use this to check where your dog is at any time.
  • Get alerts when your dog leaves the perimeter or the SpotOn virtual fence battery is low.
  • If your dog runs away, the SpotOn virtual fence can track it down so you can find it as quickly as possible.

SpotOn virtual fence offers cellular LTE-M connectivity. LTE-M gives coverage in many locations where your phone’s 4G LTE connection may be patchy or nonexistent.

Bottom Line

The SpotOn virtual fence is one of the best smart pet gadgets we’ve found. However, it is pretty pricey, so you might want to think twice about whether you need this type of protection for your pups or not.

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