Goldco Reviews: What to Know About Fees, Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ratings, and Storage Options


Gold IRAs offer a stable investment portfolio that hedges against unstable market indicators such as inflation. This characteristic is why many people in a volatile financial market invest in it instead of stocks.

Gold and other precious metal IRAs are an investment and carry risk. Consumers should be alert to claims that customers can make a lot of money in these or any investment with little risk. As with any investment, you can lose money, and past performance does not guarantee future performance results. Consumers should also know the fees associated with any investment before agreeing to invest.

This article about Goldco reviews the precious metals broker to enable you to assess them well before working with them.


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About Goldco

As a pioneer in the precious metals sector, Goldco is unquestionably among the Best Gold IRA Companies. It has more than ten years of experience assisting clients in safeguarding their retirement funds.

The Goldco precious metals company is an excellent choice for those who want to roll over their gold IRAs or start a new one. With an IRA, 403(b), 401(k), TSP, savings, etc., a Goldco specialist can help you secure your investment with a precious metals IRA.

Additionally, Goldco provides its clients with direct trade of gold and silver. A Goldco expert can assist you with diversifying your investments with precious metals if you have a savings account.

The Business Consumer Alliance and the Better Business Bureau both give Goldco an A+ rating. Thousands of delighted customers have left them favorable evaluations because of their excellent dependability, customer service, and ethical company practices.

Goldco works with investors who have new or current precious metals IRA accounts and almost solely deals in IRA-approved gold and silver coins. Customers get thorough information, including e-books and videos, to guide them develop the ideal precious metals portfolio and achieve their objectives.

Goldco emphasizes that its business model and customer connections build on trust and the relationship its clients have with its gold and silver investment professionals. Here is another review of Goldco we found on Google. 

Goldco Services


Goldco’s precious metals company makes it easier to trade gold and silver. IRAs should have a custodian to handle the funds in clients’ accounts. The company helps to speed up the process with the necessary documents.

As an investor, you will receive help to transfer your former retirement account to a Goldco precious metals IRA.

Due to a minimum fineness criterion of 0.995, some gold coins don’t qualify as investments in a gold IRA.

Goldco sources premium coins from mints that allow investment through a Gold IRA. The company also buys back IRA-approved Gold Coins at an excellent price.

You can fund your gold IRA account with various coins if you intend to invest in one. Goldco collaborates with mints to find gold IRA-approved coins such as:

  • Gold American Eagle Type 1

It has a face value of $50 and is the recognized bullion coin in the United States. The US Mint originally produced this coin in 22-karat gold in 1986. On the reverse of the coin, an eagle holding an olive branch soars above another eagle perched on a nest.

  • Gold American Eagle Type 2

Similar to Type 1 in design, this 22-karat gold coin has a single eagle picture on the reverse.

  • Gold Australian Striped Marlin

The Perth Mint is in charge of making this gold coin. It has a marlin on its face, which represents tenacity, dedication, and perseverance. Investors can get this in a quarter ounce of 99.9% pure gold.

  • Gold Liberty Coin

This well-known coin from New Zealand has a face value of $25 Niue. It offers a quarter ounce of 0.999 pure gold. On the obverse is a picture of Queen Elizabeth II, and on the reverse is a picture of the Liberty Bell celebration in 1752.

  • Gold American Eagle Proof

The face value of this $50 coin is 22-karat gold. It is an improved version of the official US Mint bullion coin with a purity of 0.0167.

  • Gold British Lunar Series

It is a beautiful coin with Chinese zodiac symbols. This coin is 99.99% pure gold from the Shengxiao Collection or Lunar Series.

  • American Gold Buffalo

The US Mint’s first 24-karat gold bullion coin was released in 2021. This one-ounce coin, which has a $50 face value, is well-liked by investors and coin collectors.

  • Gold Maple Leaf

This 1-ounce 2021 bullion coin from the Royal Canadian Mint is made of 0.9999 pure gold and has a face value of CAD 50. It was produced in 1979 in response to the increased demand from investors for premium-quality gold bullion.

  • Gold Freedom and Hope

Two hundred forty-five years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, this 2021 1/4 ounce of.9999 pure gold was produced. Its XCD 25 face value stands for the progress and development of the United States. The coin also represents the nation’s commitment to defending its freedom.

  • Gold Freedom Coin

The New Zealand Mint released this 2021 1/4 ounce of.9999 pure gold to mark the 135th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty’s dedication. The French gave the United States the Statue of Liberty, which symbolizes the American Dream (life, liberty, and happiness). It has an NZD 25 face value.

  • Gold Valor

The Royal Dutch Mint created this coin, which has a face value of $25 and is.9999 pure gold. Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima, a famous World War II photograph, is featured on its reverse side. The words “Uncommon Valor Was a Common Virtue” are written all over the flag.

  • Gold Lucky Dragon

The Royal Canadian Mint is the source of this 2021 coin, with a face value of CAD 10. It is crafted from .9999 pure gold and has a dragon design representing power, strength, and fortune.

  • Gold American Bald Eagle

This stunning 2021 coin, which features the majestic bald eagle, was produced by the Perth Mint. This bird stands for the tenacity and willpower of Americans. It is constructed of .9999 pure gold and has a face value of $25 TVD.

  • Gold Australian Saltwater Crocodile

The Perth Mint creates this coin with a face value of AUD 25 and is .9999 pure gold. It serves as the nation’s official tender per the Australian Currency Act of 1965. The Australian Saltwater Crocodile is renowned for its lethal bite in the animal realm.

  • Gold Military Guinea

The East India Company of London minted this 14-ounce piece, which is made of .9999 pure gold. It honors the UK’s dominance in the colonial era and is regarded as one of the reliable coins that are acknowledged worldwide.

Investors who want to buy silver coins have the following options:

  • Goldco Silver Lucky Dragon coins
  • Goldco Silver American Eagle coins
  • Goldco Silver bars
  • Goldco Silver Maple Leaf coins

Pros and Cons of Goldco

Check out the following advantages and disadvantages to help you determine if Goldco is the best gold IRA firm for you:


  • Wide range of gold and silver coins that are IRA-acceptable
  • Novice-friendly gold IRA company
  • The history of the organization is available
  • It has excellent client relations
  • The company permits you to buy physical gold or silver and open a gold IRA
  • Goldco provides new customers with benefits
  • Free storage for precious metals not in an IRA
  • Simple, cost-free IRA and 401(k) rollovers
  • Straightforward account creation or non-IRA precious metals purchase
  • Positive testimonials from clients and specialists in the field
  • Non-obtrusive investment consultants
  • The company offers the highest buyback price
  • Resources for free retirement
  • Simple information access through phone or online
  • 2021 Company of the Year Award Recipient


  • $50,000 is the high minimum investment
  • Other precious metals, such as platinum and palladium coins, are not readily available
  • No publicly accessible precious metals and fee pricing

Creating a Goldco Precious Metals IRA Account

Customers can open a precious metals IRA by calling Goldco directly or applying online. Any investment account will require you to supply a Social Security number and other information on your identity.

Goldco will provide you with a detailed handbook outlining appropriate precious metals investments via mail or email. After considering your alternatives, you can get assistance choosing the best gold or silver for your IRA.

  • Open Your New IRA

All it takes to open a precious metals IRA is an agreement to purchase and an acknowledgment that you understand Goldco’s business terms. A business representative will guide the process from there. You can start the process here on their official site

  • Fund Your Self-Directed IRA

You can transfer assets from your current retirement accounts to your precious metals IRA. For instance, you can move or roll over funds such as 401(k), 403(b), TSP savings, or IRAs ; these transfers and rollovers typically have no tax repercussions. We’ll talk more about this technique.

  • Buy Your Selected Precious Metals

You can select the precious metals you want to include in your precious metals IRA once funds hit.

What Does Goldco Offer?

In contrast to the dollar, which has seen a 98% decline in purchasing in the past three decades, gold has a relatively steady purchasing power.

Precious metals have inherent value that exists irrespective of any governing body. This is one reason why people consider it over fiat.

A government-issued currency is known as fiat and has no physical commodity such as gold to back it. Several contemporary paper currencies, including the dollar, are fiat currencies.

Governments often try to fix their issues by creating more and more money when times are tough. Hyperinflation will unavoidably be the outcome. The fiat currency eventually loses value relative to the printed paper. Nevertheless, despite political unrest, the price of precious metals is unaffected.

A classic shelter against inflation is gold. Inflation seems inevitable due to poor monetary policy and world unrest. It describes the loss of a currency’s purchasing power over time.

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Goldco Fees

The minimum purchase with Goldco is $15,000. Instead of charging a proportion of assets, the corporation charges a single annual cost. Although Goldco does not list fees on its website, it does refer to numerous fee refund campaigns.

When it comes to setting up the IRA, Goldco charges a one-time setup cost of $50 and a one-time wire fee of $30. The storage price is either $150 for segregated storage or $100 otherwise, and the annual maintenance fee is $80.

The company you select to conduct these services will determine the costs for gold storage and custodianship.

Goldco Storage Options

Opening a precious metals IRA means your precious metals will be kept in a safe vault at a depository with insurance. 

According to the IRS, a Precious Metals IRA account’s physical metal money must be held by a depository and managed by the custodial financial institution.

Goldco uses the best storage companies to protect your precious metals.

Delaware Depository serves as Goldco’s standard storage provider. The Delaware Depository has been handling precious metals for more than 200 years.

Each storage facility has highly advanced vaults and other security procedures to guard against theft of your precious metal investment.

Some people wish to store precious metals at home. However, the IRS demands that authorized warehouses keep these assets.

Gold and Silver IRA-Approved Coins in Goldco

It is common to store your precious metals in a Gold or Silver IRA. However, not all coins can be invested through this type of IRA since they have a minimum fineness standard requirement of 0.999.

With the Goldco BuyBack Guarantee (Learn More), Goldco will even BUY BACK your IRA-approved coins at the highest price. Goldco partners with mints all over the world to obtain premium coins that are suitable for investment through a gold or silver IRA.

You may find a variety of coins that Goldco sells to customers that qualify for a gold or silver IRA on the company’s official website. Furthermore, you can also get in touch with their experts to learn more about IRA-eligible coins or about transfers, rollovers, and other Silver or Gold IRA specifics.

Creating a Gold IRA Rollover from a 401k

Contrary to what some investors may think, they can move money from an employer-sponsored 401(k) or a self-directed one to a Gold IRA. However, this method is subject to slightly different rules that should be explicit before beginning.

There shouldn’t be any complications when transferring money from a 401(k) that was employer-sponsored into a new Gold IRA. Select a new custodian for your gold IRA and ask them to start the 401(k)-to-IRA rollover on your behalf. When transferring into a self-directed IRA, a 401(k) plan offered by your present employer poses more of a hurdle.

Check the conditions of your coverage if you’re rolling over from a 401(k) offered by your present company. 401(k) plans provided by employers occasionally forbid gold investments while you are still employed. Call your company to find out the specifics of your current 401(k) plan, including any restrictions on rolling over or transferring to a Gold IRA.

How to Get the Best Results:

Get a Gold IRA Provider

A gold IRA retains precious physical metals, frequently in the form of bars and coins, in contrast to an IRA, which typically holds stocks and bonds.

Precious metals dealers are a great source of information for people approaching retirement and those who wish to learn more about these priceless assets.

Identify A Self-Directed IRA Custodian

At this point; the gold IRA trustee needs to be determined. Individuals can lawfully keep gold in their own Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

A custodian for your gold IRA fund processes all transactions and reports them to you and the IRS. The custodian is in charge of organizing the purchase and selling of the precious metals you want. It also handles payment completion.

Make sure the company you might wish to invest with is set up and prepared to accommodate a self-directed IRA before starting a physical gold IRA. The owner of a self-directed IRA has the authority to manage the tangible assets housed within the IRA.

Kickstart Your IRA Account

You can open your new gold IRA account so the business you select can begin operations. The custodian must communicate with the silver or gold supplier to enable you to buy precious metals.

Before purchasing precious metals, you need to fund your IRA. Money transfers are done through a check, bank transfer, or cash.

Your yearly investment cap may be disclosed to you by the custodian when you start your account. You can also determine it yourself using the information on the IRS website. Your age will affect the maximum spending because of adjustments according to depreciation and other factors.

Trigger an IRA Rollover

Funds from your current retirement plan must transfer into a gold IRA rollover account. In a direct rollover, your old IRA custodian may transfer the funds immediately to your new custodian, or the contents of your former retirement account are delivered to you directly with the idea that you will handle the IRA rollover yourself. You might need to submit more documentation as verification. Experts prefer a direct rollover since it requires less paperwork and time.

Acquire Gold via Your IRA

It is possible to tell the custodian to buy whatever precious metals you choose. This should reduce the chances of making a bad buy. Before acquiring a legal gold item, ensure it is certified and follows IRS regulations.

What you invest in with your precious metals IRA is your decision. Your gold IRA custodian should help provide you with documents to validate your purchase.

You should know how your precious metals will get to you and if they will be guaranteed to reach the storage facility without any issues.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Goldco

Can I Physically Keep My Precious Metals?

Your metals are kept in a depository in a secure environment while being owned by your IRA. When you reach the age of 59 and a half and can start taking distributions, you can take your payments in the form of cash or precious metals.

What Risks Come with Buying Precious Metals?

Investments are risky by nature. These are only a few because precious metal prices fluctuate. The value of your metals may increase or decrease over time, and you may receive a higher or lower price when selling them. 

What Are the Eligibility Requirements for a Precious Metals IRA?

Generally speaking, anyone with an income can qualify for a Precious Metals IRA.

Are Some Metals Restricted in a Precious Metals IRA?

Gold and silver are the most commonly used investments in a precious metals IRA. 

Goldco also offers platinum and palladium for investors looking to diversify their holdings. Each category offers a selection of goods, including coins and bars. Additionally, Goldco provides both standard and premium bullion products. Regardless of the precious metals, you select, the IRS only allows metals with a mandated fineness to be included in IRAs. To achieve your investing objectives, you can work with experts in Goldco to determine the ideal combination of many qualified precious metals.

Concluding Thoughts on Goldco

It is up to you to decide if Goldco is the best company to manage your retirement funds. 

You will find many good reviews about the company from clients. The company offers actual coins or gold or silver IRAs to increase accessibility to investing in precious metals.

Goldco is an excellent company to help expand your retirement portfolio, considering the benefits. 


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