The K9 Training Institute Review | Everything You Should Know About


Dogs are part of the family, and you only want the best for them. You begin to care for them and wish to connect with them deeply over time. Training is an excellent approach to turning your furry companions into family members and loyal friends.

While training them at home is an option, there are certain benefits to sending them to a training program at recognized places like the K9 training institute.

To properly train your dog, you must do a lot of work. Even though many pet parents educate their dogs well on their own, a professional dog trainer may be necessary for some breeds. The idea of a training school is appealing because only some possess the knowledge required, time, or self-control, similar to a live dog trainer.

Hence, several dog parents look into numerous training institutions, platforms, and schools to find an excellent dog training program for their furry friend.

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Provide Training to Your Dogs with the K9 Training Institute

The K9 Training Institute is a nonprofit social enterprise that aims to enhance the bond between dogs and owners worldwide. Every year, the institute instructs hundreds of dog owners on the finer points of obedience training based on its extensive study of dog psychology.

What sets this organization apart from others is its dedication to rehabilitating and retraining strays to find homes forever with caring people. Thus, not only does K9 train dogs, but it also helps the dogs find their parents.

Alexa Diaz, Ph.D., founded the K9 Training Institute. Her field of expertise is animal behavior.  She has experience not only with regular dog training but also with training rescue dogs and dogs who provide emotional support.

Her job at the dog training school is to ensure that the service dogs and other dogs are adequately trained and become as obedient as possible.

At the K9 Training Institute, assistance dogs are prepared for their careers. This real-life online dog training course guarantees that future dog owners will have well-trained pets, regardless of whether they desire an emotional support dog or a pet with good manners.

Who Should Opt for the K9 Training Institute?

Those who find it challenging to train service dogs or keep them from engaging in undesired behaviors, including barking, chasing animals, leash tugging, chewing, chasing cars, and biting, or want practical training tips can benefit from this program.

This curriculum may be the way to go if you are serious about training your dog to exhibit the same manners as a service animal. However, if you are looking for something more traditional in dog training, you might want to explore it elsewhere. You can get started by signing up for the free course here

Advantages of Choosing the K9 Training Institute

K9 is one of the top online training courses for service dogs. Some of the benefits of K9 Training have been mentioned below. 

Qualified Trainers

The trainers have extensive backgrounds and immense expertise. They welcome new ideas and are pretty sociable. Seeing how quickly the trainers become comfortable with the dog is a relief for the owners.

To determine whether your trainer is appropriate, notice your pet’s behavior around them. Find out whether your pet shows excessive fear of the trainer or persists in growling at them.

Great Client Support

It is simple to file a complaint with the proper authorities should you have any concerns about the cleanliness or sanitation of the dog’s classroom. They respond quickly to all suggestions and criticisms from their clients.

The institute is committed to assisting you in developing a strong bond with your pet or any other service dog. It is a firm believer that every dog has the potential to develop a unique and special relationship with its human family.

Active Participation in the Animal Community

The K9TI gives back to the community by donating a portion of its monthly profits to groups that aid animals in need, advocate for animal rights, provide access to education for underprivileged children worldwide, and more.

While dog-related causes are their top priority, they take great pride in also supporting other organizations. The K9 Training Institute has a specific interest in rehabilitating strays and allowing them to find forever pet parents through training. Additionally, the funds they give to dog shelters are used partly to buy supplies for them.

Latest Dog Training Routines




A dog’s training should be an ongoing activity in your life. They can’t just be taught some manners at school and change their body language accordingly. Because of this, the service dog training industry frequently updates its dog training routine.

Considering the updates, the institute frequently upgrades its specialized training courses.

The K9 Masterclass Program for Training Service Dogs

With the help of an expert service dog trainer who will explain each step of the process in detail, you can change your dog’s body language and establish a routine of regular exercise for your service dog that will last a lifetime.

After completing the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass and a free workshop for training dogs, you will have the following tools at your disposal to train your dog effectively:

  • Training from one of the world’s most accomplished dog experts.
  • A self-paced, easy-to-follow success plan.
  • Getting real-world experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals in a free workshop.
  • Extensive, in-depth descriptions of many instructional strategies.
  • Methods of instruction that do not use force.
  • Demonstrations with untrained dogs in the video, followed by the trained dogs’ improved performance.
  • Every video has a transcript available as well.
  • A PDF that sums up each day’s training and is simple to read.
  • Free, one-on-one coaching from experts as often as you need it.
  • Ask-a-trainer sessions are conducted in real-time.
  • Unlimited lifetime access to all course materials.
  • Furthermore, you have full access to the course’s extensive materials and tools, allowing you to study the animal behavior guides at your own pace and review them as needed.

The K9TI program is the best way to train your dog online. Typically, humans give dogs verbal commands to learn their cues. With K9TI, you will learn the science behind why dogs respond better to your hand signals, body language, and the occasional vocal command.


Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!


What Is a Bonus Class in Dog Training?

Attending the masterclass is usually required to obtain a well-mannered dog for most customers. However, the K9 Training Institute offers three more seminars that will educate you professionally in some areas.

In general, the courses can be broken down into the following groups to help with the erratic animal behavior:

House Breaking

Toilet-training, the puppies, may be helpful if you’re experiencing problems with peeing or poop-training your dog.


Does your dog pull on the leash or refuse to sit quietly when stressed? This supplementary course will teach you how to deal with common forms of pet anxiety, such as separation anxiety, which affects many canine populations.


Although many dogs are good with kids, this is only sometimes the case. Many techniques that can help your dog feel more comfortable around children and strangers will be covered in this workshop. This will help dogs become more social at their own pace.

A Guide to the Free Dog Training Workshop

The K9 Dog Training Institute offers a highly kind Free Training Workshop. After watching it, you will know if the Total Transformation Masterclass is right for you and your dog. It gives you a wealth of helpful knowledge and a fantastic insight into what you can anticipate from the entire course.

In contrast to the K9 Institute, many other online dog trainers make you sign up before deciding if you think it would work for your dog.

The K9 Training Institute wants to only a few people to sign up and cancel later just because they were unprepared. Therefore, this is a significant check in ensuring that dog owners are well-informed before committing.

What Makes the K9 Training Institute Dog Training Program a Good Choice?

You may think it’s too hazardous to invest so much money into your dog’s training if you have doubts about whether the program will work.

Although there are many online options for dog training, nothing beats the in-depth instruction provided by a professional trainer. You will have access to a wealth of resources and one-on-one time with a trainer who knows their stuff.

Taking the K9TI course is an investment in your dog’s future and your relationship with your pet; therefore, keep in mind that the price may seem high initially.

After completing the program, you will feel confident that the knowledge gained justifies the investment.

No-cost Workshop

The no-cost workshop is a great way to learn more if you are still on the fence. When you join the program, you will get a rundown of what it entails. If you want to give your dog the greatest training possible, you might want to consider spending the money.

Money Back Guarantee

The K9TI team offers an excellent 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee, one of the most extended training programs. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase within the first 90 days, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund.

Additional Deals and Offers

In addition, if you want to save money, you will be happy to know that the K9TI routinely runs specials on its training courses. After signing up for the class, you can see if there are any ongoing deals by checking the shop’s website.

While this masterclass isn’t cheap, it is worth the investment. Remember that training your dog is challenging, so don’t count on free lectures to get you very far. Likewise, hiring a personal dog trainer may cost more than the masterclass.

Are Free Online Dog Training Courses Effective?

Dog training is a serious commitment, and more than free online courses are needed to complete the job. While introductory information can be gleaned through free classes, the depth of understanding and skill required to successfully shape and mold your pet’s behavior needs to be included.

There needs to be a way to explain how or why something functions adequately. When you take the time to learn about the specific outcomes that various training activities can have, and when portrayed through audio or visuals, it inspires you to keep going until you see improvement with your dog.

If you decide to invest in a good dog training course, the trainers teaching it will be experts in the field and be able to guide you and help your dog overcome any fears that he may have.

They have extensive expertise working with dogs of varying personalities and backgrounds. Therefore, they are in a prime position to help you establish a firm foundation for effective training methods.

Worksheets and dog training logs are only two examples of the kinds of materials that are typically included in a paid course.

It’s absurd to think you could get such competent assistance for nothing. In the long run, more than free dog training courses found online will be needed to ensure your pet’s success.

What Makes K9 Dog Training Institute Better than Other Institutes?

Regarding training your dog, the K9TI program and free workshop are unlike anything else available. While teaching an adult dog, the standard method is to give the dog vocal orders.

Dr. Alexa Diaz and her colleagues are responsible for making the industry’s best-kept secrets, including body language and other gestures, available to regular dog owners for the first time.

This all-inclusive online dog training course will teach you how to replicate the results in your service dog in the comfort of your home.

The course is broken up into manageable parts that build upon one another, so if you are prepared to put in at least 10 to 15 minutes daily, you will immediately see improvements in your dog’s behavior.

What Does the Institute Teach?

The K9 Institute is distinctive because it teaches your dog two significant lessons of watch and touch, which serve as the basis for your training and can be applied to virtually any behavioral issue you are dealing with your dog.

Healthy and content dogs are those who are continually kept busy. Having them earn their reward is a surefire way to keep their interest and keep it for the duration.

Animal behaviorists also assert that dogs respond best to body language cues rather than verbal commands while being trained.

The course’s objective is to instill in your dog the composure, obedience, and self-control necessary to function as a service dog.

Features of the K9 Dog Training Program

You can watch a free video on the K9 Training Institute’s website laying the groundwork for Dr. Diaz’s training method and explaining how she generally works with dogs.

The institute’s premium offering, Total Transformation Masterclass, will also be presented to you. However, the free workshop provides various suggestions that normal dog owners can utilize to begin enhancing their prior training sessions and decreasing symptoms of undesirable behavior, such as:

  • Leaving in a hurry
  • Ignoring your calls
  • Driving after vehicles
  • Constantly straining against the leash
  • Taking a flying leap onto something else
  • Biting or begging
  • Being very enthusiastic, ignoring instructions

The Total Transformation Masterclass

This masterclass is for you if you want to get the most out of your dog training sessions. The primary purpose of this course is to enable you and your trained dogs to establish a strong bond and open a line of communication.

K9’s masterclass is divided into ten lectures, one every week, and three optional extras. There are 13 training sessions available to help your dog learn self-control.

Given the video format, it makes perfect sense to adapt this course for use by any dog owner. You can finish your academic journals quickly, but you can always go back and do it again if you like.

In addition to providing the training you need to have a well-behaved dog, professional trainers will provide you with one-on-one guidance to address the common behavioral issues plaguing canine companions and help you develop a stronger bond with your canine pal.

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!


How to Find Confidence in the Institute Initially

Because the K9 Training Institute was a newer institution, you should go to the internet to see if there were any course evaluations. A thorough research into this training program will reveal many enthusiastic testimonials from past participants.

Users have praised this masterclass for its effectiveness in improving the results of dog training sessions, with some even reporting a noticeable improvement in their dog’s behavior after completing the course.

It’s essential to examine online reviews before investing in a costly program like this so you know it’s a safe bet.

Some Alternatives to the K9 Training Institute

If you find K9TI’s services too extensive, you may want to check out Dunbar Academy, which was created by Dr. Ian Dunbar, a veterinarian, dog trainer, and expert in animal behavior.

Unlike K9TI, this training program requires a monthly subscription to gain access to more than 30 training modules that will help you educate service dogs. Once you have subscribed, you can choose from several different video formats. One disadvantage of this training program is that the majority of the videos provide little in the way of hands-on instruction.

However, the 30-course schedule offered by Dunbar Academy is excellent for people who want more variation in teaching their dogs. In this case, the training approach is the reward-based strategy, which may result in sessions that seem different from those in the K9TI.

This program’s low price is one of its most appealing qualities. In contrast to K9TI, you can choose between a $20 monthly fee or a $150 annual fee for your subscription. You can save much money compared to the cost of the K9TI masterclass if you finish the course selection during the first few months and cancel your subscription.

There is a 30-day refund policy available at Dunbar Academy as well. The one provided by K9TI is longer, but this one is still a viable alternative. Consider Dunbar Academy if you want more variety in your training sessions at a slightly lower price. Here is the link to their Official Site

Honest Opinion of the K9 Training Institute

The K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass is the best online dog training program available; finding fault is a challenge. Some of the videos may be shortened a bit, to be particular. The whole thing isn’t that important, and you can always skip forward if you feel like you’re making progress, but in the end, they’re catering to dog owners who want to see everything from start to finish. Dog training requires a lot of repetition.

There’s a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to the member’s area, and it’s taught by one of the most well-known dog trainers in the United States, so dog owners of any skill level can benefit.

You should take advantage of the free workshop if you are serious about educating your dog or service dogs without resorting to force. Afterward, you can assess how well your strategy worked.


Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!