The fragrance which attracts


Ambery Sage (motivated by Tom Ford’s Fucking Astounding) could be a profound textural scent, opening on a thick sage and severe almond two-part harmony, rapidly picking up force much appreciated to a reconstituted but amazingly expressive leather agreement, praised by orris roots. Within the foundation, Tonka bean and golden notes still warm this delicious composition.

Inebriating, debauched, seriously, Ambery Sage (our impression of tom ford fucking fabulous) is the perfume of all abundance, without any compromise on the quality of crude materials.

About Dossier

Established in 2018, Dossier could be a New York-based brand that specializes in reproducing well-known scents at accessible costs.

Beginning at $19, all of Dossier’s scents are vegan, cruelty-free, and use clean ingredients. You’ll discover fragrances propelled by brands like Tom Ford, Dior, Le Labo, Creed, YSL, Versace, MFK, and much more.

The Dossier is one of the best fragrance brands that aim to guarantee everybody has got premium scents. At File, we grant you get to clean, long-lasting, morally sourced, 100% veggie-lover premium aromas.

What is amber perfume?

Amber could be a mix of fixings that portrays a warm, fine, sweet fragrance. It comprises a soiree of fixings (natural and engineered) such as vanilla, patchouli, labdanum, styrax, benzoin, and a number more. It is utilized to make oriental scents that pass on a wealthy, zesty, and fine feel.

About Ambery Sage perfume

The Ambery Sage is a special scent that features a lot of complexity to it. The starting splash opens with an extremely green and fine scent that disseminates into a solid leather scent. Provide it some minutes in spite of the fact that it uncovers a warm woody fragrance at the foot. Idealize for pairing!

It smells incredible! Perfectly complements the fragrance it was planned for, there’s no denying it. The quality of the Ambery Sage from the Dossier is superbly amazing the person or the customer who uses the fragrance of Ambery Sage is fell in love with the saints of it.

Mostly 100% out of 98% of people who order Dossier scents always gives us a five-star review. Honestly, this scent is for everyone. This is an amazing scent that makes you feel fresh and happy

When you wear Dossier Ambery Sage you will get compliments everywhere you go.

Why go for Dossier Ambery Sage

Nothing feels way better than being known as the individual who continuously smells great. It could be a comment that we all appreciate getting. Your scent shapes your identity. It plays a basic part in your fashion and says more than your dress. In any case, finding a signature scent that fits your inclinations and way of life is challenging. But stress not since Dossier’s Ambery Sage might fair be your perfect choice.

We have up to 15 special fragrance families which act as an establishment for each scent they create. Among the high-end scents is Ambery Sage, motivated by Tom Portage Fucking Marvelous fragrance.

There are several reasons to choose Ambery Sage. These include down below.


Our company was established with a mission to extend the accessibility of premium scents. Subsequently, we cannot neglect the price markups that exist within the conventional industry. Most perfume brands have overrated their items due to price packaging and celebrity support.

You can apply layers

Also, you’ll combine the Ambery Sage scent with another fragrance to form a complimentary blend. This could be done by splashing one fragrance after another to form a fantastic fragrance.

There is no risk in buying Ambery Sage by Dossier

Having the correct scent that complements your lifestyle and inclination may be a plus; at Dossier, we focus on making a difference you discover it. So, on the off chance that you’re exploring another way of devouring perfumes, we are here to assist. Contact us to discover a scent that was made for you.