The Thanksgiving Feast: A meal to be thankful for

(Illustration by Reece Bachta | Collegian Media Group)

Thanksgiving food fills not only the stomach but the soul. It is quality comfort food that ignites all taste buds and prepares the body for the perfect post-feast nap. 

The ideal plate consists of a large slice of perfectly cut turkey — either dark or white meat will suffice. Next comes a large mound of mashed potatoes smothered in thick homemade gravy, and nothing compares to delectable mac and cheese scooped directly onto the plate. Stuffing provides instant gratification in one bite, bringing together a multitude of flavors into one cohesive dish.

Then, the holy grail takes up the majority of the giant plate: the impeccable green bean casserole. This piece of the meal is essential to the Thanksgiving experience. Without it, the day could be considered a failure. The ability to turn an average vegetable into a masterpiece is a gift that Thanksgiving brings to all. 

Thanksgiving food is more than just a main dish with sides — it is one complete meal. The side dishes flow beautifully together making the meal better and better with every bite. Gravy becomes an ingredient in each dish as it spreads across the plate. It does not matter if the food merges together, in fact, it’s encouraged.

The conversation is constant as families fill up on carbs and sip on hot apple cider. And then, just as stomachs are about to explode from the immense amount of food consumed in the last hour, the pies hit the table. Pumpkin, chocolate, apple, cherry, pecan and French silk pies stare you down. Which one do you choose? The only correct answer is a bite of each. Wait, make that a slice of each. This is your day to never say no. Keep reloading that plate, the diet dies on Thanksgiving. 

The beautiful meal begins to take over your body, and a tired wave takes control. That’s right: it’s nap time. That ugly plaid chair in the living room never looked so comfortable. You wake up hours later with no recollection of your dream, and you realize it is time for arguably the best part of the Thanksgiving meal: leftovers. Let’s do it all over again — it is time to eat, baby. 

The idea of forsaking this fantastic meal and replacing it with basic everyday food shows a total disrespect to the holiday. Instead of ruining tradition, ravage the feast bestowed upon you, and be grateful for family and the time spent together.