4 Things You Should Consider When Buying Sunglasses


Your eyes are windows to your soul, and keeping them in good condition is crucial.

People might take sunglasses as a statement of fashion, but in reality, an essential job of sunglasses is to protect your eyes. Without wearing sunglasses in the scorching heat season might allow ultraviolet rays to enter your eyes.

Sometimes, it can lead to alarming situations like skin cancer, damaged cornea, and eye lens. So, it will benefit you to invest in good quality sunglasses.

Here are some factors you should consider to give your eyes the most effective and safest sunglasses.

1.      UV Shield

Many pairs of sunglasses look cool, but the question is, do they keep your eyes safe too? When choosing sunglasses for your eyes, UV protection is something non-negotiable, no matter how pretty the pair is. Why is that?

The ultraviolet rays have the strength to damage your eyes and vision permanently. You cannot risk your ability to see things clearly just because a pair of sunglasses suits you more. Fortunately, there are many brands like Oakley, which offer premium designs of sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection in them.

Bonus tip:

You should never be fooled by the mirrored and dark lenses because they don’t provide any UV protection to your eyes. Having a dark lens is even more harmful to your eyes as it can allow more UV rays to enter through the lenses.

2.      Color and Tint

The main reason for wearing sunglasses is to reduce the overall brightness of your eyes. For this, the expert suggests buying suitable colors and tinted glasses according to your eye color.

You will find a wide range of color, tint, and lens options. But you should know which offers better functionality and protection for your eyes.

For example, without any color distortion, gray-tinted glasses reduce more of brightness. On the other hand, amber lenses enhance the depth of perception. If you have blue eyes, you should lean towards gray lenses as they help in blocking more visible light.

1.      Size of Your Frame

If you frequently go out under direct sun exposure while gardening, driving, or at the beach, you should get yourself an appropriate size of sunglasses.

The right size of pair will cover more area and allow the least amount of UV light to enter your eyes every time you go out. Many people prefer wrap-around pairs of glasses due to their numerous benefits of protecting the eyes from the front and side.

2.      Quality

Without any UV protection, your expensive sunglasses can make your eyes vulnerable to damage. To ensure the pair is high in quality, you should hold the pair in your arms and look through the lenses at something. Moving the frame horizontally and vertically will be best to inspect any distortion or curves.

If you find any distortion, the lenses are poor in quality. To avoid doubts about the quality and get relevant certifications, you can purchase any Oakley frame from Vision Direct.