Gift-Giving Advice That Will Make Buying for Difficult People Easier


Giving and receiving gifts is a popular tradition for many reasons in different cultures worldwide. Nearly everyone has experienced the dilemma of not knowing what to get for that one friend or relative who is somehow impossible to buy for. This short guide will help you the next time you are ever struggling to come up with gift ideas for a tricky person.

Buying a Gift for Someone You Regularly Buy Gifts For

If you have a friend, or family member that you know well and exchange gifts with on most relevant occasions, you may be stumped for what to get next. Even if your loved one has appreciated you adding to their scarf collection over the years, you might no longer want to risk giving them the same type of gift yet again. Surprise them with something unique that breaks the pattern.

Buying a Gift for Someone You Barely Know

There are some occasions when you might be expected to give a gift to someone even though you don’t know much about them. Perhaps you have an office party to attend, and you only hang out with a few familiar people, but it’s someone else’s birthday. You don’t need to be someone’s closest friend to learn a little about them. For example, know someone that really appreciates whiskey? You may want to buy rare whiskey online for them. This kind of special gift shows that you put thought into it despite not knowing the person particularly well. Simply ask someone who does know the person well what they are interested in.

Buying a Gift for Someone Who Doesn’t Want More Possessions

Thanks to the increasing popularity of waste reduction, tackling consumerism, and an overall trend against owning too many belongings, you may find yourself in the position of having to think of a gift to give someone who has expressed that they don’t want any more material items. For this type of recipient, consider something less tangible and more experience-focused. This could be as simple as getting them their most loved food, taking them to a nice dinner, or booking something special for them like a spa day or vacation. Homemade gifts, especially if you are good at cooking or crafting, can add a sentimental touch to your gift. Of course, this all depends on how close you are to each other.

Buying Gifts for a Romantic Partner

Whether you have been a couple for years or have only recently met, buying a gift for a significant other can come with added expectations to impress. Instead of opting for cliched romantic items that feature love hearts or roses, reflect on important times and fun moments in your relationship, then reference these through your gift.

The simplest rule to follow when trying to find someone the right gift is to go easy on yourself and know that if your gift comes from the heart, they will appreciate it.