5 Biggest Difficulties People Face When Learning English


English is the most commonly used and widely spoken language worldwide, and it’s understandable why people are more inclined to learn it the most. Although learning a second language isn’t a piece of cake, it shouldn’t be a chore. Mastering a foreign language is challenging, especially in an environment where English isn’t the first language. Believe it or not, even people whose first language is English tend to mix it up because of how complex it is. That being said, it’s not impossible to master the popular English language if you know what difficulties you might face and learn how to tackle them accordingly. 

Speaking of tackling the challenges that might stand in your way on your journey to grasp the English language, Here are the most significant difficulties one might face while learning English.

1. Lack of Practice 

The best way to learn a language is to practice it regularly. Unfortunately, that’s also the biggest reason why it’s hard for people to grasp the English language; they’re reluctant to keep practising it in their day-to-day lives. Instead of using English, they depend on the teacher to help them wherever they get stuck. It makes learning a new language inefficient and halts retention of the new English words learned in class. 

2. Overuse of Native Language 

Another big reason for having difficulty in grasping English is the fact that teachers and students tend to use their native language in class for communication which shatters the opportunity to be able to learn a new language and communicate it in real-time. It’s already pretty tricky to learn English in a place where the native language isn’t English, and having a proper English-speaking environment in class only makes things worse. 

3. Inadequate Resources

Unfortunately one of the most common reasons for finding it challenging to learn English is the lack of proper resources essential to learn anything like learning materials, teachers, environment, etc. incompetent English language teachers and inadequate learning material is the number one reason for the difficulty in learning the language. 

4. Fear of Embarrassment

Environment plays a significant role in building up the confidence of an individual to learn a new language. The fear of failure, being mocked by others, and humiliation just destroys the little hope a person has to learn a new language. Being judged by others is the biggest reason why people never get the courage to learn another language. 

5. Grammar  

Speaking of the English language significantly, the technical difficulties like spelling, pronunciation, idioms and slang, variations in the language and grammar rules might seem complex to beginners because of their variable features. Luckily you have Upskills tutor to the rescue! 

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