5 Health and Wellness Tips for 2023


Another year, gone. It is a little scary how quickly the last few years have seemingly flown by but here we are. If you are like most people, all your health-related New Year’s Resolutions from last January went right out the window by July. You are not alone in this proverbial boat. In fact, more people than not are right there with you. But we are here to help you change that reality moving forward. For starters, you might consider the simple act of regularly consuming elderberry gummies. Afterall, giving up on becoming a healthier, more well-balanced person should never be an effort you put on the backburner. As the year 2023 rolls into view, beginning to set yourself up for success with some health and wellness tips is advisable. To get you started on this, we have put together a short list of some below.


1.  Be level-headed before anything else

A constant and driven desire to become a healthier person is praiseworthy in each human being. But Rome was not a built-in day as they say. The same is true of body builders and the same is true of your overall wellness. You simply cannot expect yourself to become this pinnacle of health overnight just because you daydream about it. You must take daily, practical action that holds to your own personal reality. What is something you can accomplish by the end of the week? Start with this idea and build on it. Do not get caught up in the images of your hopeful six-pack only to be disappointed by its lack of appearance tomorrow morning.


2.  Find your physical activity

The digital connectedness of the world as it stands today is a massive benefit in more ways than we have time to list off. But that fact does not mean all the technology making this possible does not come without any downsides. Social media is an informant, as much as you might not want to admit it. To be blunt, it tells people what they like and dislike. Yourself included. It might be that you have never tried something like rock climbing, canoeing, or something else. Before making any final judgements, get out there and give some new things a try!


3.  Be greedy with your sleep

Another trend that has made itself overwhelmingly popular amongst the public is lack of sleep. People seem proud of the fact that they run on caffeine, little sleep, and a lack of emotions. But really think about that. Is a zombie-like state any way to go through life? No. So stop trading away your precious number of sleeping hours for next to little return. Too many people try to fit sleep in wherever it may fall. That is where they find themselves atop that slippery slope which leads to lack of sleep. Instead, plan your personal schedule around sleep. Not just a requisite amount, but plenty. After just a night of adhering to this schedule you will be thanking yourself.


4.  Does your diet have a lot of natural color?

Have you ever thought about the colors of the foods you eat? Likely not. But making a habit of observing this trend in your own life will behoove you more than you might think. Scientifically speaking, this approach to your diet may not be the most profound. But ensuring that your regular food intake contains naturally occurring greens, reds, purples, oranges, and yellows is exactly what you should be striving to accomplish here. Think about it this way – if all your foods are that off yellow color of many processed or fried foods, is that the kind of diet you want to maintain?


5.  In everything, leave room for yourself

No matter how you slice it, modern society is incredibly demanding. The forty-hour work week almost goes without mentioning yet most everyone is subject to it. Then there are the responsibilities necessary to simply exist in life such as grocery shopping or exercise. But you can never forget about family, social obligations, and other activities. But where are you in all this? Are you even aware of yourself and your personal needs? This phrasing may sound off but when there are so many external factors pulling at your attention, self-care can fall by the wayside. Do all you can to remember this vital act, whatever it looks like for you personally.

For the people who have struggled with health and wellness in the past, do not be dissuaded by all that you have read here. Remember the process necessary to get to where you desire.  To be practical in this, take your time in planning out how you want to tackle these tips for yourself. The good news is, you still have a few weeks before 2023 is officially here.