7 Tips for Flawless Makeup Application


Why do you wear makeup? Some deeper reflection may result in answers like, “It makes me feel more confident” or “I like feeling beautiful.” But confidence and beauty come from much more than makeup products—it’s a part of a holistic approach that involves caring for your whole body and mind, like taking vitamins for clear skin or exercising daily. 

The recipe for flawless makeup application involves more prework than people realize, including taking vitamins for clear skin, selecting the correct shades for your skin tone, and investing in quality products and tools. The beginning condition of your skin can determine whether your makeup is flawless or next-level.

1. Take a Holistic Self-care Approach

Keeping your body healthy can aid your makeup routine. Taking vitamins for clear skin helps your complexion glow while eating healthy and drinking plenty of water can also positively affect your skin. Though makeup can work wonders, it helps to start with a healthy complexion.

Lifestyle choices such as what you eat, drink, how much you exercise, whether you spend time outdoors, and whether you use sunscreen can impact your confidence and your skin. Therefore, it’s best to consider all these aspects if you want flawless makeup application or just a better skincare routine. 

2. Cleanse Properly

Few people realize makeup application can begin weeks before a brush ever touches your face.  Developing a skincare routine is vital because of how your skin looks through makeup. A healthy complexion will look healthy through makeup, but so will poor skin. 

Using an exfoliating brush on your face and lips can remove dead skin cells and bacteria that might clog pores and cause acne. It feels great and leaves your face smooth and ready for makeup. 

Before your makeup routine, makeup artists recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser and then using toner, serum, and moisturizer. Make sure to give the moisturizer time to absorb so your skin appears fresh and hydrated. And always wash your face after wearing makeup no matter how tired you are as this will ensure your skin is healthy and prepared for the next application. 

 3. Use Makeup Products in Order 

Makeup experts recommend using products in order, but it’s best to play around with the steps to find a sequence that works for you. Generally, people apply a primer before the foundation for smooth application and long-lasting effects. 

On the other hand, the Hunar blog recommends starting with the eyes first because they are more complicated and involve more steps. If the product fell on your skin or your liner was uneven, you would have to wash your face and redo the look. Once the eyes are set, the rest of the process is relatively easy! End with applying lipstick and setting spray to lock in the look.

 4. Use Quality, Responsible Products

Quality makeup products are more efficient because they are easier to use, easier to apply, and last longer than cheaper drugstore makeup. Because the creators take more time to develop the product, they ensure there are no elements that might be harmful to your skin. 

Read the labels to make sure there aren’t any unnecessary chemicals in your makeup and take some extra time to research if the products are tested on animals, reviews to if people have had any allergic reactions, and what the company’s values are. It’s important to feel good about the products you are using. 

 5. Blend Makeup Properly

Less is more. Unless you’re preparing for a costume party or on the set of a sci-fi movie, caking on makeup is not a good look. You still want to look like yourself and many times women underestimate their natural beauty. When properly blended, makeup should enhance your natural features and your face should look natural and like you barely have on any makeup at all.

6. Invest in Quality Tools 

Investing in quality makeup brushes ensures makeup, especially foundation, is spread evenly. You may be tempted to use your hands to blend makeup quickly, but with a brush, you will always get an even tone and a smooth look. Don’t forget to gently wash your brushes to avoid bacteria and build-up. 

 7. Choose the Correct Shades for Your Skin Tone

Closely examining the skin on your jawline will determine your skin tone, and determining whether you have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone can help you choose which shades of foundation and blush you need. Eye color can determine the color of eyeshadow, too. 

For example, deep, cool eyeshadow could help enhance the natural beauty of a person with dark eyes. In the same way, a person with fair skin could use a pale pink blush to add color to their cheeks and compliment pale skin.  


Flawless makeup application can leave you feeling confident and beautiful, especially after preparing by taking vitamins for clear skin, cleansing your skin, and choosing the correct makeup shades for your skin. Though makeup can completely transform the way we look, we should use it as a way to help our natural beauty to shine through.