How you can use Reverse Image Search for Investigation


Reverse Image Search is an amazing tool that is used to find and explore similar images or the origin of images on the internet. If you are a photographer and you need new pictures according to your content every day then image search reverse is the tool in which you can search for creative images. If you want to search out uncredit photos online then you upload the photo and you get different familiar photos on this tool. 

If you want to know the background or history of the image then you can also find out the exact location or place where this photo is present.

You can put the link of the video in the image reverse search and find out information related to the image. You can also upload the photo from your google photos in this tool and search for more images related to your search.

Image Search Reverse is a well-known and famous digital investigation technique that is too easy to use. You can get information with just one click. You can choose to search Google for this image in different browsers. You can explore different stolen things and people by searching for their photos on social media.

If you use only Google for searching images then it is not right and you did not get many amazing results.

You can identify people and locations by searching images. With this tool, you put an eye on different affairs that happen around you. If you want to investigate anyone and want to know more information then you can use this tool and easily know about them.

Many software is present that is well known and good in performance. Yandex, Bing, and Google are the basic image search engines that tell you basic knowledge about the source of the image.

 The first and very important thing is google but it is not enough to determine any information about an image. Google reverse image is not too famous and well in their work.

We guide you about different well-performed software that is best for searching reverse images.

Yandex Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search Yandex is a famous platform where you just write the keyword and you can find out similar photos related to the search. You can also put the link of the image and find out a different source of images.It has a powerful recognization ability to determine and identify faces, objects, and has better facial and object recognization queries that help you to find out different stolen things that you want to search out.

For using Yandex you go to then select the camera icon that is present on the right side of the screen. From there you can upload the photo or put the link of the photo. The face recognization faeturein the Yandex is amazing and working well.

For example, if you have old friends but you are no more in contact with them. But if you have some old pictures of your friends then you can easily find out by reverse searching images. This tool provides you with a different option in which one option is uploading the picture into the search box of the reverse search image. After some time, it will give you full information related to this image. It can also tell you the exact location of your friend, you can easily find out your stolen friends and relatives by searching the image on this tool.

Bing Reverse Image Search

You can search images with the help of bing. You can also change the background of the photo. For example, if the background of an image is not good enough and it does not look too focused. Then you can crop the photo through the bing.

Google Reverse Image Search – How do I Reverse Google Image Search?

Reverse Search Image Google software is also popular but now much new extensive software comes that looks too good. Google is fine for most reverse images searches. By google, you can go to Google Reverse Image Search is very well-known software and you can also search the origin and source of photos.

 You can easily determine the name and original creator of the image. If you want to locate the images, you can easily determine the exact position of the picture.

For example, if you want to know about the men who tried to attack a BBC journalist. Put the name of the man, google pick up all the records and show you all details related to this person. Google also shows you all the history of this men and also some additional familiar photos related to your search.

Five Test Cases

These five test cases are very helpful in testing different Image Reverse Search that represent different investigations. In these investigations original photographs and recycled photographs are present. These testing photographs related to different geographical regions like western Europe, South America, South Asia, the united states, and Eastern Europe. With each photograph, there are some highlights discrete objects that help you to determine the strength and weaknesses of each search engine.