7 Pregnancy Style Hacks You Need to Know When You’re Expecting


When you are pregnant, your whole world changes. You are all of a sudden re-organizing your life to prepare to welcome this new little human into your world. You are experiencing massive body changes. And you are going to need a whole new wardrobe.

Being pregnant is a great excuse to spruce up your wardrobe and rock maternity fashion. There are so many stylish and wonderful options out there for you to enjoy. From shoes designed to give your arches full support to cozy sweaters that will help you feel cozy during every trimester, you will have so much fun creating outfits for your pregnancy.

For instance, did you know that you can get pregnancy shoes that are so stylish, they also work perfectly as your go-to shoe when your baby is born? In fact, they are so comfortable too that it will likely become your favorite go-to shoe for a very long time.

But the style hacks do not stop there. We have rounded up all the things you need to know when you are expecting and how to dress accordingly.

1. Get a Bigger Top

While many of us like to show off our silhouettes with form-fitting shirts, you will want to lean towards loose-fitting tops during your pregnancy. Not only will it help you hide your baby bump if you’re not ready to announce it to the world, but it will also leave plenty of room for your baby to grow each month. The best loose-fitting tops are the ones that are simple, flowy, and comfortable to wear.

2. Snuggle Up in a Sweatshirt

Athletic leisure is here to stay. And this applies to pregnant women too. If you are pregnant, then you should make the most of your oversized sweatshirts. In fact, they are one of the most practical and stylish items to wear during pregnancy. Not only do they keep your outfits on trend, but they are loose enough to work for any stage you’re at.

3. Rock a Ribbed Sweater

One of the most flattering pieces of clothing that you can wear during your pregnancy is a ribbed sweater. Not only will it allow you to wear something that keeps you warm, but is designed in a way that makes your baby bump look fantastic. In fact, many style experts recommend that the ribbed sweater be the go-to piece to wear during the fall and winter months.

4. Go for an Oversized Button Down

Another popular style hacks for pregnancy outfits is to rock the oversized button-down shirt with a pair of supportive leggings. With plenty of room to breathe on the top and tons of support on the bottom, this combo not only feels great but looks great too. In fact, it is an excellent outfit option for those wanting to look chic on their next outing while not having to compromise on comfort.

5. Embrace Your Yogi

Many of us love yoga clothes in general. But the appreciation for them goes to a whole new level while you are pregnant. With the materials being both breathable and supportive, it makes for the most enjoyable clothing when you are experiencing hot flashes or simply want something easy to wear. The racerback yoga tank top is one of the best pieces, as it will provide support to your growing breasts as well as your stomach while letting you choose if you want to wear a sports bra underneath or not.

6. Walk with Pregnancy Shoes

Do not forget about your feet while you are pregnant. Getting pregnancy shoes is an absolute must for your wardrobe, especially because they are so stylish too. Not only do they grow with your feet and provide the utmost support, but are the perfect addition to your shoe collection because they will equally support you when you are not pregnant too. Every pregnant woman needs the ultimate pair of pregnancy shoes.

7. The Maxi Dress

Bohemian clothes naturally go great for pregnant women because they are designed to be flowy, comfortable, and easy to wear. One of the best bohemian styles to rock during your pregnancy is the maxi dress. Not only does it hide your baby bump and swollen ankles, but makes your pregnancy glow radiate even further. Perfect for any season and easily layered with a denim jacket for the colder months, the maxi dress will stay with you in your wardrobe well past the days of your pregnancy.


These seven style hacks are just the beginning when it comes to ways you can enhance your wardrobe, look great, and feel great during your pregnancy. From wearing the best pregnancy shoes to feeling pretty in floral floor-length dresses, there are so many great ways to embrace the pregnancy style. What will you choose to wear?