Tabla Oviedo Restaurant | Best Asian Indian Cuisine


All around Florida, you will find a rich tradition, including traditional Chinese, the spice of India, and the healthiest options from Thailand. At the same time, Oviedo has seen the emergence of a new modern Asian restaurant with progressive wine lists and fine dining service featuring authentic Asian flavors. Tabla Indian Restaurant, one of the famous restaurants in Orlando, has opened its fourth location in Oviedo. This new restaurant is gaining popularity for its diverse Asian menu. They cater to all dietary requirements whilst staying true to traditional recipes. Let’s explore the menu and other specialties of this newly opened restaurant deep down.

What is Asian Food?

Asian food is as diverse as it is huge; it spans a wide range of cultures, peoples, regions, cuisines, and food traditions. Asian cuisine offers a variety of multicultural dishes from Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and other parts of the world. Some Asian foods have become well-known and mainstream, while others are frequently disregarded and clearly niche. You may discover every kind of cuisine and Asian restaurant in Oviedo.

Best Asian Cuisine in Oviedo at Tabla Indian Restaurant

Tabla Indian Restaurant first opened in 2008, serving Indian, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. Their menu features all your favorite dishes, from pad thai to kabobs and shrimp Manchurian. At Tabla, they have delicious Asian classics for every taste. Whether you are craving something sweet or spicy, their friendly staff is always ready to serve you. Tabla is delivering the ultimate dining experience in Orlando, Winter Park, and Lake Nona. Now all set to woo the Oviedo people with their food and hospitality.

What makes Tabla Indian Restaurant Special?

1. Diverse Dishes to Tantalize your Taste Buds

They create the most authentic dishes and the freshest ingredients and versatility within their menu.

Their motivation is to prepare what we crave, bursting with flavor. The freshness of ingredients and spices in every recipe prepared at Tabla makes it stand out amongst the host of competitors. They offer both the highest quality street food and regional cuisines on their menu.

For those who prefer plant-based meals, there are vegetarian dishes such as crispy lotus root, mango bhel, gobi Manchurian, vegetable curry, and Thai yellow curry. Their desserts are unique and sought after, such as their Gulab Jamon creme brulee and chocolate samosa with chai latte ice cream.

2. Fresh ingredients, Vibrant Flavors, and Traditional cooking techniques

At Tabla, you’ll find fresh, local ingredients and a top-class menu of flavorful, unique entrees. This local family-owned restaurant serves dishes bursting with flavor and nutrition. The menu is delicious, with a mix of Indian, Thai, and Indo-Chinese. Try butter chicken with garlic naan, pad Thai, Thai red curry, and Tabla’s mix grill. Their emphasis is on superb presentation and taste-specific customization. Furthermore, they serve meals that are actually healthy and nutritious and only contain the best ingredients—nothing is frozen or reused!

3. Perfect Hospitality and Genuine Warmth

A common proverb in India is “Atithi Devo Bhava,” which translates to “The Guest is God.” Indians have a practice of attending to all of a guest’s needs. Without a doubt, the service at Tabla is excellent. There is warmth and affection in the service at the Tabla Cuisine, which will undoubtedly cause you to smile. Check them out now & plan your weekends with their unique weekend specials.

4. Best Restaurant in Oviedo to Indulge with family and friends

The ambiance in Tabla Indian restaurant near Oviedo on the park is family-oriented, warm, and cozy, where breaking a hearty meal with your loving family would be a delightful experience.

Tabla Catering – Best Caterer in Florida

Tabla Cuisine also offers an Indian catering service in Florida. They will help to transform your celebrations into unforgettable life experiences. Tabla caters to all types of occasions, whether a birthday, anniversaries, weddings, or corporate events, per the client’s dietary requirements. With Tabla Catering, you can sit back and enjoy the event while knowing that all of the food-related details will be handled. Regardless of the kind of event you are throwing, they can help you create a personalized menu that is tailored to your needs and the needs of your guests.


  Oviedo has a wide variety of cuisines, and a number of top-notch restaurants have popped up to highlight their best dishes. Be adventurous and pick a place to eat that you’ve never been to before. Tabla Indian Restaurant is a great place to dine, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. The restaurant is conveniently located near Oviedo on the Park- so if you’re not sure where you want to eat, be sure to give them a try. They also provide an online food ordering facility and takeaway.