5 Celebrities Who Believe in Crypto


Cryptocurrency is a fairly popular topic among modern specialists in the financial industry.To be honest, this topic is in demand and really popular in society. More and more often you can see expert blogs about cryptocurrency, specialists who are ready to give their recommendations on the Internet and even headings on news sites dedicated to cryptocurrency. And it is logical! According to buidlbee.com, cryptocurrency is getting more and more introduced into financial systems of different governments from year to year – it gives the actuality to the topic!

Many celebrities said that they are convinced of the future success of the cryptocurrency and even made their investments in it. Who are they and why did they do this?

Terry Crews

The actor does not just believe in the future of cryptocurrency, he even created his own cryptocurrency! The actor says that he promotes his currency on his own. Thus, famous people make their contribution to the development of the modern financial system and support the policy of electronic money!

The actor said that the idea of launching his own currency appeared when he was traveling, buying furniture and suddenly discovered that he did not have enough funds. Then he decided to withdraw money from the bank account, but unfortunately he was refused. Terry Crews believes that the reason for refusal is his skin color. The main idea is that if there is a cryptocurrency, everyone does not care about skin color, status, age and other social criteria.


This singer is a good example of how you can earn huge sums on cryptocurrency in a short period of time. This type of quick income is explained by the fact that the singer has released a new collection of NFT tokens. Grimes, together with her brother, created drawings, which she tied to tokens. The images make a lot of sense, struggling in the decline of the world.

The singer decided to transfer part of the earned funds to a non-profit organization. NFT tokens are unique, such a token is used to confirm ownership of an object, it cannot be replaced without the consent of the owner.


The famous rapper has long been interested in the field of virtual currencies and makes a treasure trove into it. Jay Z even makes investments in funds that develop bitcoin, expand its capabilities.

The main task of such funds is to transfer the entire Internet to virtual currencies.

Paris Hilton

Paris shared her opinion that she would be happy to release her first non-interchangeable token, which is known as NFT.

It is important to note that the actress has already released her NFT token. Paris Hilton sold a token tied to her drawing. The lot was then valued at 40 Ethereums, which at that time cost about 17 thousand dollars. Paris donated the money to charitable foundations.

Lindsay Lohan 

Lindsay Lohan is one of the active adherents of the opinion that cryptocurrencies are a big step into the future. Like the previous celebrities on the list, Lindsay sold her own token. And just like the previous stars, she decided to donate the proceeds to charity.

World-famous people support the idea of cryptocurrencies and virtual money, because there are a lot of advantages in this. As you can see, cryptocurrencies provide an opportunity not only to earn money, but also to make this world a better place by helping organizations. Perhaps you have found your idol among the stars from the list and now you have a reason to be even more proud of him or her! After all, almost every person on the list prefers to share resources with charitable organizations.