10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos for More Views


According to recent statistics, YouTube has become the second highly visited by many internet users in the globe. This is due to different video content uploaded and stored on the website that attracts many people. Because people spend a significant amount of time watching videos, there are many factors to consider to make the videos attract people. 

For instance, when you are a beginner, you need to use many promotional tactics to make your video attract many followers. Good video content uploaded on a YouTube site must have many viewers, likes, and comments. In such a case, you will stand a chance to gain more followers and earn more from the site. In this article, I will take you through the top ten ways that can help you promote YouTube videos for more views. 

Write bold and must-see titles.

Marketing your videos online on YouTube is all about conducting a good presentation. During the presentation, you must write titles that can grab your audience’s attention. This involves writing engaging titles that entertain your audience. Such titles should also let your audience know what your video is about before watching. 

Make your videos as visible as possible. 

When uploading your video on your YouTube channel, ensure you optimize it to be as visible as possible. In the google search, videos currently take about seventy percent. For this reason, it will be much easier for your audience to identify your video if it has higher visibility. Just like the case of keywords used to identify websites, YouTube depends more on the visibility of your video. 

Buy YouTube views

Buying YouTube views is one of the best ways to promote your video content online. When you increase the number of viewers, you also stand a chance to get more subscribers into your channel and grow your work. You can also consider searching for viewers from other social media platforms, search as Facebook. If your audience is within your reach, you can easily mobilize them physically by talking to them to start watching your videos. This also makes some people love the videos you create and subscribe to the channel. 

 Buy YouTube likes

By purchasing likes on your video channel, you will easily engage with your followers. Increasing engagement with your subscribers will help you build a good connection with your audience. It takes a few seconds to like comments on your YouTube channel to engage your followers more. When you are buying likes to your videos, ensure you interact with all your audience who might find the video interesting. 

Ensure your Video is unique

When you create unique video content, many people want to see what the video content talks about. This will drag more and more viewers into your channel to watch your videos, like, subscribe and comment. However, when your video is not natural, it may be difficult for viewers to reach it or locate it on the platform. Such videos are always difficult to search on both YouTube and the world wide web. In addition, you also need to be more creative and keep the video in check to remove any unwanted errors.

Understand your audience to know their wants

You must upload a video your audience likes most to give them a reason to view or like it. You will be able to learn the interest of your audience by getting to know what they want most. This will help you know what type of videos your audience likes most and will want to watch on demand. 

Create YouTube Thumbnails

When creating your videos, you need to consider focusing on your thumbnails. The thumbnails help promote your channel’s video content to other social media applications. When creating default thumbnails, YouTube’s website uses screenshots and snags to get the best thumbnail for their video content. Try as much as possible to come up with your way of creating thumbnails that will perfectly attract your audience. 

Embed the videos. 

Embedding your videos on the YouTube channel also helps promote the content and increase the number of viewers. Embedding your videos will improve their conversion rates and reduce their bounce rates. It is the most effective way to attract new visitors and make them stick to your channel through subscription. 

Try to giveaway. 

Giveaway is one of the most loved things on YouTube.  Through the giveaway process, you can decide to host a contest online on YouTube. More people will be encouraged to subscribe to your channel by participating in the contest. You can make the contest easier when you consider searching for people who will like the videos; when the number of people commenting on your contest increases, more of them will want to join the channel. However, you need to keep the contest as simple as possible to be much easier for everyone online. In addition, you need to follow the policies set aside by YouTube to guide users. Also, issue gifts that relate to the brand you are creating on YouTube. 

Run an ad campaign on YouTube. 

Marketing videos online sometimes involves running a paid ad campaign and getting more people. There are different types of ad formats available on YouTube. Do the formats include?

The display ads show up on the right-hand side of the video. The display ads are only available only on windows for desktops. 

The overlay ads are always displayed on the lower part of the video. The overlay ads are usually transparent.

Bumper video ads are non-skippable ads that you must watch before you can be allowed to watch your video. This type of video can take up to six seconds paying.  


When you make many people view your uploaded video online on YouTube, you can grow your channel.  As the total number of subscribers increases, you will also have an increased number of audiences. As the second most used platform on the internet, YouTube will greatly pay when you have many viewers online. I hope by reading the write-up above, you have gathered some of the most essential ways to promote your videos on YouTube.