5 Practical Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions in the Best Shape


Every woman wants to add length and volume to their hair. Unfortunately, they often have to deal with many problems with their natural hair, and that is when hair extensions come to the rescue. They instantly add volume and more length to your original hair. They also allow you to style your hair in different ways without damaging your natural hair. No matter how expensive extensions you purchase, they will get damaged and lose their original beauty if you don’t maintain them the right way. 

When you keep the extensions in the best shape, they preserve their original color, texture, and hair quality. Despite the pile of information on the internet, finding a credible source of information that can help you take the proper care can be challenging. Therefore here are five practical tips to help you keep your extensions in the best shape possible.

  • Store them correctly after each use

Extensions are undoubtedly a fantastic accessory to transform your look. But you have to keep them in their best condition to continue doing the excellent work. Many new users often throw away their extensions as soon as they reach home after any event or a date. It’s important to understand that though they are artificial, they are made from natural hair. That means you have to take care of them as you do for your hair. You have to remove them carefully and store them appropriately so they won’t tangle or get damaged.

You should have a separate extension pouch to keep your extensions after using them. You should also store them in a separate drawer where they won’t be damaged. The pouch preserves the natural shape and texture of the extensions. If you don’t have a pouch, you can use a pillowcase made of silk to store your hair extensions. The silk material is softer and doesn’t harm its texture, color, and shape.

  • Wash them regularly

Though they are artificial, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash them. They are made from natural hair and require the same hygiene as natural hair. You should regularly wash your extension to keep them in the best form. Washing it also helps you maintain the similarity between your hair and the extensions. Or else anyone can notice the difference between the two as they tend to get frizzy and tangled if you don’t wash them for a long time. 

Styling your extensions with hair sprays, serums, and gels can accumulate a lot of dust and debris, making them stink and appear artificial. It’s also essential to detangle them if you want to brush them effortlessly without damaging them. You can use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for the best care for your extensions.

  • Use the right brush 

Brushing is an essential part of excellent hair care. It helps to detangle your extensions and keeps them silky smooth too. As much as brushing is necessary, choosing the right brush is also essential. Regular brushes can pull the roots of the hair, causing a lot of damage. You should choose a brush with soft nylon bristles that don’t pull your hair. It allows you to brush effortlessly and avoid damaging the cuticles in the long run.

  • Avoid blow-drying 

One of the terrible mistakes you can make with your extension is blow drying them. Blow drying creates a lot of heat inside the hair, which evaporates the natural proteins and turns them into lifeless threads. Blow drying, microwave your hair, and dislodge them from its base. Therefore you should avoid using a blow dryer to dry your extensions after washing them. You can use a soft towel to soak the extra water gently and then let them dry naturally with air. They are not damaged by the heat from blow dryers and preserve their original texture, color, and quality.

  • Use the right extension type

Many extension users often pick up a random extension that matches their hair color. But you should consider other factors while choosing them. Your hair type plays a vital role in the compatibility of your extensions. It won’t be compatible and look natural if you have curly hair and choose them with straight hair. It’s also essential to match the proper structure to preserve it for longer. Therefore you should choose an extension that is compatible with your original hair. It would be easier to maintain them and preserve their original features.

Undoubtedly, hair extensions are a phenomenal hair accessory. They can instantly transform your look by giving you longer and thicker hair. That’s why you should always handle and store them carefully to keep them in the best shape and get the best styling results.