What Does a Yacht Water Softener Do, and Why Should You Get One?


If you have ever tried to clean a boat with dock water or perhaps tried to drink that dock water, then you would know that it isn’t brilliant. Cleaning can leave marks. Drinking can leave a rather foul taste in your mouth. This is because dock water isn’t the purest water in the world. While it is safe to use, it is often filled with contaminants. This is why people look into ways to soften it up.

One of the more exciting ways to soften your dock water is to use a yacht water softener, with Puro Systems offering one of the best options. Let’s tell you what this does, shall we?

What This Yacht Water Softener Does

As with any water softener, the Puro Systems water softener works to remove unwanted minerals from water. If you have used hard water (which most dock water is), you will know that it is often laden with calcium, magnesium, etc. None of this is particularly unsafe to drink in the quantities you would find in dock water, but it still could be more pleasant.

The system uses a process known as reverse osmosis. There is a bit of complicated science behind reverse osmosis, but it pretty much boils down to water being pushed at very high pressure through some sort of filtering membrane. With the right set-up, reverse osmosis processes can remove up to 99% of contaminants you may find in the water.

Reverse osmosis systems can also remove most salts from water which, of course, is exceedingly important when you are getting dock water. While some of that dock water may be filtered, its nature means it takes on salts rather quickly. It doesn’t taste pleasant in the slightest.

Why You May Want a Yacht Water Softener

The main benefit of a yacht water softener is that the hardness of the water is removed. You end up with something that tastes much better when you drink it. The water should be crystal clear and considerably better than the dock water you typically consume. However, the benefits stretch well beyond being able to drink the water.

For example, you will only leave the shower feeling unclean if you are showering in the water. Hard water is awful for showering in, and you can end up with many residues on your body that can make you feel somewhat slimy. it isn’t a pleasant feeling at all.

Cleaning the yacht will also become a whole lot easier. If you have ever cleaned a boat with standard dock water, you would know that cleaning it can take ages. This is because hard water is going to leave a lot of residues behind. You must buff it like crazy to get that yacht nice and pristine. The need to do this will be drastically reduced by softening up the water beforehand.

Everything in the yacht that will require water gets much better. For example, cleaning your clothes, the machinery in the yacht that uses water lasts longer, and the paint on your yacht is much better protected when softened dock water is used to clean it.

While installing a good yacht water softener can be quite an investment, they are more than worth it. After all, a proper yacht softener will make the operation of that vessel so much smoother. It can help the crew planning on running the vessel, and if the owner is sailing alone, it can help them too.

Final Thoughts 

More and more vessel owners are opting to install yacht water softeners. It can help with much-needed water supply on a boat and make dock water much more palatable.

While these systems cost a small amount of cash, the right system can last for years with minimum maintenance. It can even help to boost the value of a vessel should the owner ever decide to sell it.