House Bar has ‘the craziest music in the ‘Ville’

Photo Courtesy of Landon Wingerson

Landon Wingerson, a Kansas State alumnus and DJ for multiple Johnny Kaw’s bars, said customers can expect a country feel from The Barn.

“The Barn is your country rock bar. If you’ve ever been to Dirty Dawgs, that’s kind of the vibe they’re going for,” Wingerson said. “Toward the later nights, they’re going to play more of the party staples.” 

Wingerson said House Bar, which officially opened Jan. 27, feels entirely different from The Barn.

“House Bar, it’s been in the works for even longer [than The Barn]. It used to be called House Party and then closed down during Covid. They revamped it and put in new lighting, new speaker systems and just updated it a little,” Wingerson said. “That one’s more of your crazier music. You’re gonna have a lot of hip hop, rap, EDM — the craziest music in the ‘Ville, I would say.”

Tommy Long, a security guard for The Barn and House Bar, said since the reopening of House Bar, many students have compared it to its predecessor, House Party.

“I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that they have older siblings or they were old enough to go to House Party back when it was open,” Long said. “They were excited to see it back open and excited to see how much the same it felt, but still new and renovated.”

Annie Wehling, senior in human development and family sciences, said when she was a freshman, she got to experience House Party.

“I really like the vibe of House Bar as a whole,” Wehling said. “I think it’s really fun and very nostalgic, in a way. It reminds me of freshman year — a lot of people I haven’t seen since freshman year are often there.”

Wingerson said he has previously DJed at Yard Bar and Shot Stop but was still nervous about DJing House Bar on opening night. 

“I was pretty nervous and a little stressed opening the first night,” Wingerson said. “The crowds are listening a little closer than normal, so they’re expecting new music or new remixes. I’ve been trying to throw out newer stuff. House Bar is definitely the craziest of ones that I’ve DJed in.”

Wingerson and Long both said they have only heard good things about the pair of new bars.

“For the most part, I think it’s been mostly positive feedback. Then again, I work there, so I might not hear the negative stuff,” Wingerson said. “A lot of people have been saying how big they are.”

Those who are not yet 21 will still have the opportunity to experience House Bar. Similar to House Party, younger adults will soon be allowed in.

“After spring break, I know they’re introducing 18 and up, which I think is a good idea,” Wingerson said. “It’s going to bring a whole new crowd to the ‘Ville.”