Brylee and Jaelyn Glenn: Strong, supportive sisters

Brylee Glenn drives to the lane during a 64-48 win against TCU. She finished the game with a block and a steal. (Macey Franko | Collegian Media Group)

Brothers Travis and Jason Kelce facing off in the Super Bowl has people talking about sibling athletes. The two show each other love and support even in the face of heavy competition. This similar sibling dynamic can be found on the Kansas State women’s basketball team. Twin teammates Brylee and Jaelyn Glenn share a similar bond to the Kelce’s, never trying to best the other and always having each other’s backs.

“It’s not really a rivalry, but we’re there to pick each other up. We’ve never been super duper competitive [toward each other],” Jaelyn Glenn said. “We’ve tried playing one-on-one but we always laugh and it just turns into a joke. It’s a support system kind of thing with us.”

The two sisters have spent years together, dating back to their time at The Barstow School in Kansas City. Now, as teammates at K-State, Brylee and Jaelyn Glenn continue to grow together as twins.

“If you actually think about it, I think it’s kind of crazy because we’re around each other 24/7, every single moment of every day,” Brylee Glenn said. “We really don’t fight … Just being teammates and being able to play the game that we both love together and have that common interest does help our bond.”

In the time spent away from basketball, Jaelyn Glenn said the two don’t do much besides watching Netflix together or going out for activities like a pedicure. The twins still focus most of their time on the court.

“We have been playing with each other for so long so we know each other’s game,” Jaelyn Glenn said. “I have people come up to me sometimes after the game like, ‘You threw that pass to your sister. I saw her but I didn’t think you were gonna see her and it was like you knew where she was gonna be in that moment.’ Things like that really explain how strong our chemistry is.”

While the twins have grown a chemistry on the court over the years, their styles of play are not nearly as identical as they look. The pair provide the Wildcats with two different types of players, but they still work together like one unit.

“They [our styles of play] even out pretty well because I’m more of the aggressor,” Brylee Glenn said. “I like to drive to the basket, get fouled and Jaelyn’s more of a shooter. We do two different things, but I know if I drive to the basket I can always count on her to be out there. We work well off of each other.”

The players cherish the ability to have their lives so deeply connected.

“[We enjoy] being able to experience the college life together, doing our basketball careers together,” Brylee Glenn said. “It does have its highs and lows but to be able to share it with her and for her to actually understand is something that a lot of people don’t get to experience. I am grateful for that opportunity.”

Brylee and Jaelyn always planned to stay together for their journey in college. Their bond with each other made a potential rivalry impossible. 

“It was pretty much a given that we were a package deal,” Jaelyn Glenn said. “I wouldn’t go anywhere without her or anywhere that wasn’t at least close to her.”


Jaelyn Glenn spots up for a 3 during a 64-48 win against TCU. She scored 12 points on the night with nine points coming from 3’s. (Macey Franko | Collegian Media Group)